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Is it possible??


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December 29, 2009
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1997 Ford Explorer
:)So i was thinking of removing the whole stock stereo on my 97 explorer xlt with JBL sound system(stereo/amp/reciever) except the speakers and the wiring. Is it possible to add a new HU and just connect the existing harness of the previous system and make it work on the new HU?or will i have to buy a wiring harness to connect the new HU?what im trying to do is make the stereo wiring just like any other modern car, with the harness right behind the HU.Any suggestions?

Another question-Since I'm not going to use the amp, is the harness with the grey plastic any good or can i just remove it?

Thanks for any help.

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you will either need to buy a wiring harness that snaps between ur old harness and the new headunit. or you can cut off old connector and just wire the new hu, in with the harness supplied.

The only way to not use a harness is to hook the factory speaker wires to the aftermarket HU. Crutchfield sells the harness you will need for $15-20. You will also need an antennae adapter/exstension as it pulgs into the factory amp behind the right rear cargo pannel.

There is a harness for the speakers and one for the power wires.

oh okay thanks.where can I find this harness that snaps between my old harness and th new HU harness your talking about?

so basicly without using the old harness, i would just rewire the speakers up to the new HU's harness?