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Is It Stock


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March 14, 2000
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I purchased a 1998 Explorer Sport w/o Manuals. The radio in the dash is a cassette unit w/o a CD button. There is a 6-disc changer in the console. Behind the console there is a pad which controls the radio and also has a mode button. I can make the display on the radio say TRACK 00 with the mode button but nothing plays. I am wondering if the right radio is in the dash. It seems strange that Ford would make a vehicle that you had to turn around behind you to operate. Nay help is appreciated.

It is unlikely that your system is stock. The CD Changer was offered ONLY with the Dual Media (Cassette/CD combo)radios in 1998. If you have a Cassette (ONLY) radio, then either 1)somebody ADDED the CD Changer, or 2)somebody TOOK the Dual Media radio.

Does your CD Changer operate? How do you turn it on, change discs, or seek tracks? Is there a separate, wired control module for it? That would be typical of a Dealer-installed "FM modulated" changer.

What is the part number on your radio? (You'd have to pull it out to see the number on a label on the chassis).