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Is it the Tires or the Rims??? Help

Hey Guys, I need your help on this wheel/tire problem

I own a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4X4, it came with teardrop wheels. I bought a set of wheels that according to some research should fit on my Exp. I did not buy them for the tires as I was expecting to buy tires anyhow and the ones that came with the rims where about half used and GoodYear (personal bad experience with GoodYear).

OK to make a long story short, have been using the GoodYear’s and they are better than I remember or better made then a few years ago. The only problem is that the tires aside from being louder than my Michelin SUV tires due to thread pattern there seems to be a hum that progressively as the vehicle accelerates gets worse. I don’t know how to describe the noise, but it’s like the little engine that could. A tire guy told me over the phone if it vibrates it’s the rims, if it chugs it’s the tires. I just want a second opinion and to make sure I’m not having a hub issue, I mean they seem to fit right on the hub no wobeling or anything like that.

Maybe I should contact the guy who sold them to me, he might know if the tires sat for a long time or something that would have damaged them??? I did the process of elimination last night and removed one wheel at a time and replaced it with one of my old rims. Went for a ride and moved on to the next rim. By the end of my experiment I was plenty tired and no happy ending.

Any ideas????

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you have a couple of options

1. turn the radio up louder so you don't hear it
2. buy new tires/rims.


it sounds like the problem i have, except mine is just a constant hum, my neighbor who is a tire balancer said it's the tread wear, that at one time it was uneven, and now that it's been weighted/balanced to ride even, it's the different frequency of the sound coming from the friction

idk if that makes sense or not

good luck

Some tires are just louder on the highway than others. If its alot louder, I would check things like the balance on the tires.

probably just uneven tire wear.

the duelers on my 98 howl a little bit especially after i just rotated them, i think it is slightly out of alignment.

i was running mud tires on my 92 and you could definitely tell that the tires got louder (were loud to begin with ;) ) as they started to wear unevenly.

So if it's uneven tire wear balancing them won't solve my problem right?