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is maf my problem


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December 3, 2006
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1998 RANGER XLT 2.5L
1998 ford ranger 2.5l starts but barley holds idle feed it fuel it dies. no check engine light. scan found 2 pending trouble codes 122 tps & 113 iat sensors so i replaced both, no change. started testing other sensors w/ multimeter & discovered that if I unplug maf truck runs perfect. tested maf every thing okay except supposed to test restiance while picking up rpm's but can't because truck dies. pullud maf & cleaned it, still no change. plugged maf back in, scanned motor one last time and pulled code 102 maf

the last code was stored when you unplugged the MAF and it ran better. It does sound like the MAF is your issue though. A MAf will cause your symptoms, and even though a bad MAF is supposed to store a code, I have seem many fords where that is not the case. Replace the MAF sensor and you should be good to go.

replaced maf truck runs awesome thanks!!