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Is my new backspacing going to be enough??

Ok, I need to know something

I am about to buy new tires and rims. Im getting chrome modulars.

the specs will be: 32x11.50 tires, on 15x8 rims, with 3.75 backspacing

will that give me a decently wide stance? or should i go with 15x10

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will it give me a wider stance?

So less back spacing I.E. 3.25 compared to 3.75 will push the wheels farther out?

Also, guys with the big dogs 35,36,38.....have you needed to upgrade axles, brakes, hub/spindle things/joints/transfer case/tranny. I imagine One change like this tire size can make you do some additional mods that you may not have planned on.


I run my 32x1150s on a 15x8 with 3.75 and it looks and handles well. I got the idea from Cableguy who said he researched this a ton. Anymore may put extra stress, but what dont we do here that stresses out your truck. I will have pics soon to follow, until then check out cableguys.

Yes, less back spacing will push the tire out more. I have not done any other mods after putting 35s on my X besides the gearing which I did when I had 33s. Dannyboy is right also, about the extra stress on the wheel bearings the farther you go out, but if you go out at all you're putting extra stress on them. I've replaced my wheel bearings once since i've had my lift on and it's been on for a year and a half.

Could some please explain what backspacing is. Would I need to worry about this when I get 31's? Thanks!

Fender, do you have pics. of your rig anywhere?

Also, is it right that my factory rims are 5.25in backspacing? I could actually come out 2in on both side for a 4in wide stance/track with some aftermarket wheels !!


Factory backspacing? What do we have? Can I measure the wheel somehow?

i dont know what the factory backspacing is, and if you wanted to measure it, youd need to take a tire off. heres what you would do:

first of all, Backspacing is the distance from the inside rim surface to the backside of the wheel mounting surface.

-take off a tire from a wheel.
-lay the wheel face down on the ground.
-put a ruler or a board or something straight across the back (the face of the wheel sticking up in the air - opposite the face of the wheel) of the wheel.
-now you simply measure from the board, or whatever you use, down into the wheel (towards the face) to where the holes are for the studs to go in.

i know this is hard to understand without a picture, but i dont have the time to find one right now, sorry. hope this helps a little.

Would I be able to do it on the spare. Its not mounted anyhow. I understand the precedure.

I'm not 100% but I think almost all Explorers have a 4" backspacing. Email cableguy, he was the one that researched this a ton, and I think the spare is a crap rim, so personally I wouldnt use it to measure.