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Is my sub blown?? Please help!!


May 7, 2002
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99 Explorer Sport
Well last december i got a system put in my truck... the amp is a rockford 500 watt amp. i had it powering a cheapo 12" sub that was rated at 400 watts. I think the power of the amp finally blew the sub cuz it makes a loud popping like a blown speaker and is creating no low bass. Is it blown or is a seal on the box bad or something? I'm a newbie to this so any advice would be appreciated...

On another note... circuit city is selling a 12" infinity reference sub for 65 bucks. I mite use this to hold me over till i get an alpine or mtx sub. Anoyone have any opinions on infinity subs or this sub in particular. Thanks a lot.

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yo buddy, i got 2 12" infinity references in my truck hooked up to a bazooka 300.1. Their really good subs for a cheap price, i would get them, you just might like them

Sounds like it might be blown. Check the mounting ring and see if it pulls away from the cone.

Does it still hit good on higher notes?

Also, if you're sold on MTX, I think a 12" 8000 might be good with that amp. I had two of them in my ex and couldn't handle the output at full tilt.

They hit hard, but aren't the best for sound quality.

If you're wanting to build a SQ system then let me know, I'd be happy to point you to a couple good sources that will fit your budget.

its a sealed box so im having a friend check out if its a seal problem.... its still hits the high notes.... just the low bass sounds like a blown speaker

im goin for more sq in my system actually.... lemme know what u reccomend ...

try the easy test.
all you need to do is find a quiet place and press the edge around the cone (center) but not on it as you will damage it, and listen for a scratchey sound, if so, the driver is toast.

I have ran numberous drivers of all sizes and manufactures, and it sounds to me like your over powering the driver, and making it jump.

Another thing to try is if there is a hole in the magnet part of the speaker (back) plug it // i had the same issue and i sealed the vent hole and the noise stopped.

Good Luck

well i brought it to an audio place today and he told me the voice coils were toasted.. the sub was done... i went out and picked up the infinity sub and have been very happy with it... sounds very clean attatched to the 500 watt amp...

try the alpine type R