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is superlift really my only option?


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March 20, 2008
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so i have a 2004 ranger edge 4x4 and it seems to be hard enough to find a lift for a newer ranger let alone a 4x4 does anyone know of any lifts out there other then superlift and the dixon bros? dixon bros seems like way too much for me im not going to be hardcore offroading i do it every know and then. i thought of maybe a body lift but i hear that id have to cut my bumper for my tow hooks and do other crap like that if i go that way...

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Yep Yep it is looking that way i am going to be getting a super lift on order for my 05 FX4 as soon as possible.... sucks dont it

I have a a buddy "fishfood" that put a 3-inch body lift on his 00 edge. I believe that he did an add a leaf and torsion bar twist, but he fit 33x12.5 tires. It looks good, and was cheaper han superlift.

The RCD kit gives lift and improved suspension. It is nowhere near in the same league with Dixon Bros. but not as expensive either.

One drawback - this kit was designed for earlier 4x4 Rangers that had 11.28" rotors. Yours has 12" so you would have to retrofit them to use it on a 2004.

and rcd is still kinda heavy on the wallet

yeah it kinda sucks i heard the ride isnt as good with superlift because it leaves the torsion bars on there. i considered changing my rotors for the rcd but i didnt think smaller brakes and bigger truck are the relationship those two should have lol and they said they dont really have plans on making a kit for newer ones any time soon :(