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Is the fuel pump going?


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December 13, 2007
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Long Island, NY
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'01 EB AWD 5.0
My wife's '93 X has been sputtering a lot lately, starts to turnover then dies sometimes (like it's not getting enough fuel), and today it stalled on her. Also, when I have the starting issues, if i turn the key to the OFF position, then turn it to run and wait to hear the fuel pump engage, THEN start it, it fires right up. It seems all the symptoms are pointing to a bad fuel pump/sending unit. I'm going to put some injector cleaner in this weekend and see if that helps.

Those kind of problems suggest an electrical fault in the wiring to the pump rather than a bad pump itself. Check the relay as suggested. If that isn't the problem, then get a wiring diagram and go through the rest of the fuel pump circuit and make sure there are no loose connections anywhere.