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Is the windshield washer weird, or is it just me?


February 7, 2017
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2004, Explorer XLT
So I might be stupid. I learned yesterday that pressing the windshield washer button is NOT supposed to spray the fluid, only when the button is held down. Here I was thinking that my windshield washers just didn't work but didn't see the need to pay to fix it (I've sorta/wanted to use them exactly once, and that was early this week, since owning the car). Is holding the button for windshield washers a normal thing in most vehicles? The Toyota and the Honda I've driven in the past never had such a feature and simply pressing was enough to spray the fluid

Completely random topic I know, but I feel so stupid for just figuring it out now :confused:. I'm still amazed that after almost a year of owning my Explorer and reading/learning all sorts about it there are still stupid little things I haven't figured out yet.

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Pressing the button quickly and letting it go will cycle the wipers. Holding it down for more than a second will spray washer fluid and will cycle them 3 times after you release the button.

In the few vehicles that I've owned, it's always been press and hold to spray the washer fluid. All Fords.