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is the wiring/colors the same on a 94 sport and 97 awd


June 21, 2008
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1997 4 Door AWD
about me... i am not affraid of ripping anything apart or doing anything with my hands. this isn't a question of being able to do it or how its more of a preperation question or two. so with that being said I have a 94 sport that i blew the trans. i bought a 97 awd sohc 4.0 xlt. i had a remote start/alarm installed on my 94. my 97 has an after market alarm installed now. i want to take out the system in the 94 and put it in my 97. will the wires be the same colors in both vehicals. like if the starter wire is blue with white in the 94 would it match in the 97? 2nd ? if not does anyone have a link or know where i can find the proper wiring schematics/diagrams for my vehical for the ones i need for a remote start install. i never installed a remote start before but have done plenty of alarms, car systems, tv's etc. the good thing is theres alarms in both so when i take out of the 97's i know where all the "alarm" wires go just by looking but not the remote start ones. any help would be great. thanks in advance.

I would be surprised. There may be some wires the same, but I sure wouldn't count on all of them...especially where you are crossing generations. You are also going from EEC-IV to EEC-V. I wouldn't even be sure the alarm system will work with both years depending on how sophisticated it is. Might want to check that out.

well i took it out of the old one and found the wiring info for a 97 explorer online from an alarm site with the wires needed to install remote start with alarm. once the weather isn't africa hot out i will attempt the install.