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Is there a lift kit for the 2003 sport trac?


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October 28, 2014
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Paragould, Arkansas
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2003 Explorer Sport Trac
I have the 2003 sport trac 4x4 and i can't find any lifts for it at all. My truck is at stock height, with the front slightly lower. I plan to do the leaf spring adjustment and torsion twist for a little lift and to level the front but i need to know if there is any body lifts or suspension lifts for my model? This is the closest I've found.
Its for the 01-02 but will it fit 03 as well? It doesn't make sense that they would just stop making it after 2002. I want to get bigger wheels and tires, and i wanna be able to take it off road from time to time but not on a regular basis.

Thanks this helps a lot. My problem was i could not find it in the forum with the search, and the lift kits aren't advertised right on the dealers website