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Is there any way to get the sync system in my 07 EB


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June 13, 2011
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2007 Explorer EB
I don't know much about cars but do know that I wish I had the Ford Sync system in my new (to me) 07 EB. Got a great deal but had to sacrifice the sync system and a tow package.

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yes...except you would have to buy sync module plug and dash harness cut and paste the the wiring, so it runs directly form the sync to module to the nav unit, and you would have to make the harness similar to mobile ease by adding a microphone wiring to it

but when it comes to tech support on how to use certain features and calling the ford 800-number, they think you are stupid when you tell them you have 2006 explorer with sync and 2010 navigation system...i notice the female workers give you the run around like I dont know what are you are saying sir let me transfer you to a better agent and the male workers provided excellent support on how to use the sync system even if you explain to them that you installed sync in a 06 or 07

Mobile ease or a parrot kit will be MUCH easier if all you want is sync for the bluetooth. i actually think the mobile ease is made by parrot.

HIs metod requires you to swap out the enire audio sustem.

you actually wrong dont need who audio system from the vehicle, the dash harness new is 280 or 125 salvage. Basically what you need is the sync harness and the dash harness...what you do with the dash harnss take off the tape that wraps up to the radio connectors and the wiring is all connected those 2 way wiring plug connects or whatever they are called. you will just need use the wiring that runs from sync adapters to the radio plugs like mobile ease and wire the sync plugs with the radio wiring plugs and add extra connectors to the plugs that would plug in the radio dash plugs. Properly fitting the wiring system would be the challenge since the console area is so tight

but not all radios are sync ready. his has to be, and more than likely if it doesnt have sync its cant use sync. he wont have the buttons on the radio for it most likely.

yea you are correct about that part, i thought you were referring to the speakers of car...sorry about the misunderstanding. The easiest way to get a sync ready radio is just buy the 2010 navigation system and find one out from an explorer then you dont have to get it reprogram. i wouldnt spend more than a $1000 on a nav unit....heres on ebay from a f-250 for a $1000

the gps antenna works inside the car, i just put mines in the glove box since we dont got sirius out here in hawaii and works just perfectly. If sirius ever decides to come out to hawaii those i will mount it on the roof

yea you are correct about that part, i thought you were referring to the speakers of car...sorry about the misunderstanding. The easiest way to get a sync ready radio is just buy the 2010 navigation system and find one out from an explorer then you dont have to get it reprogram. i wouldnt spend more than a $1000 on a nav unit....heres on ebay from a f-250 for a $1000

Doesnt need to be a nav radio. can be any ford radio that offers sync.

i would go for the nav those, its pretty cool but its your own preference as well

i just order the sync wiring harness today, still waiting on the tracking number from the guy on ebay so i will keep you guys posted on the project

Sync is possible on a 2007

There are various ways you can get Sync in your vehicle. The easiest and cheapest is probably to use the T-harness kit from FORD (9R3Z-14D212-A) which is selling for around $200 on EBay. It includes the Sync module, harness, microphone and control switch (external). You will however need to upgrade your NAV head unit to one that supports SYNC. The NAV Units will have a Phone button on them and have chrome knobs. The cheapest NAV is a 2008-2009 Unit without the Hard Drive for around $500 which would work best in your 2007. The 2008-2009 Nav units have a built in amplifier and work with external Sirius Satellite receivers if you have one of these in your 2007. The newer 2009+ units with Hard Drive and built-in Sirius are nicer, and will cost you upwards of $1000 with external Amplifier and harness. The FORD Sync retrofit kit says it is only for non-navigation radios, but it will work for Navigation as well with some modification. If you choose to use the microphone from the kit then you won't need a SYNC rear view mirror which requires running additional wires under the headliner. The SYNC mirrors are 10 pin (vs the 7 pin) and do require an external compass on the Explorers. So if you buy one of these you need to find a SYNC mirror from an Explorer or Expedition that has this external compass. Instead of using the external switch that comes with the kit you can also buy the RH steering wheel switch module for Sync (Phone and Voice button on NAV, additional OK button on non-NAV), but this will require you to run one or two wires from the clockspring to the NAV wiring harness.


Sync retrofit for late model 2008+ Explorer

For late model 2008 and above Explorers a retrofit will be easier as it requires only a Patch harness to be placed in the stock location with the Sync module which is in the center console. All the needed wires should already be present in newer model Explorers. Note that early model 2008 Explorers do not have the required wiring in place for the below mentioned patch cable and should use the retrofit kit from ford with the T harness. The parts that are needed to complete a stock Navigation Unit retrofit are the Sync module, Microphone Mirror and the following:

Explorer 4 dr
8L2Z 14A318 C (Center Console Patch Harness)

Explorer Sport Trac
8L2Z 14A318 CB (Center Console Patch Harness)

Explorer Common Parts
8L2Z 9C888AB (RH Steering Wheel Switch)
8L2Z14D202A (USB Cable Assy)
8L2Z19C149BA (Sync Bezel USB/Aux Audio)
8A2Z14334FA (Headliner Sync Mirror Wire Harness)



Have you tested this harness out on a 2007 explorer cause you dont want to mislead people...I doubt it would work.

If you really want to want sync in 2006-2007 you have to create a custom harness similar to sync retro-kit harness. You have to build a custom sync harness and I am working one as of right so I will have pictures posted if anyone is interested just got the wrong sync module the guy sent me a 2008 module and not 2009/10 cause the sync plugs are different for 2009-10 same sizes and just different groves.

9R3Z-14D212-A Sync Retrofit Kit

Yes, it will work on a 2007 CAN bus based audio system. It will require a Sync capable head unit however, but the plugs for the head unit are compatible and it can be upgraded. Even thought this kit says it is for a Mustang it will work in an Explorer. I used it in my early model 2008 Sport Trac which is the same as a late model 2007. Sync was not available at that time and so the Patch harness I describe for late model 2008 can not be used because the wiring is not in place to the location in the center console. The T harness from the kit however plugs directly into the Sync capable NAV unit and then into the existing harness. All the necessary Sync wiring from and to the NAV unit is provided in the T harness. The only thing I did different was to use the RH steering wheel switch instead of the buttons included with the kit and also used a Sync mirror with microphone. For this I had to run my own wires as stated in my description of this install.

actually its just cheaper to add mobile ease the way you just did it cause it wont add the phone system the dialpad on the navigation screen cause that sync kit was programmed for non-navigation.

Also the sync mirror is easy to install its plug and play you just need to get 2008 harness not 2009/2010 cause compass box doesnt exist behind the mirror in those model explorers.

You would have to unplug the harness that goes into the driver a-pillar and unplug the wiring from the driver/passenger headliners, compass box behind the mirror and replace it with a 2008...i already tested this out in a 06

Sync Phone System works per CAN bus ID on NAV system

Rusty, your claim is in error. The Sync module identifies itself to the NAV system and the NAV unit identifies itself to the Sync module with low speed CAN bus labels. The programming of the SYNC module does not appear to be specific to NAV or non-NAV. What is specific to non-NAV in this kit is the (Voice/Phone/OK switch) which has different resistances for each button compared to a NAV switch. That is why I chose to wire up the stock RH Steering wheel switch from the clockspring which got rid of my B1136 "Steering Wheel Switch 2 Failure" DTC. The only remaining DTC that I have is B2477 "ECU Configuration Failure" which is due to my NAV Unit not being programmed for SYNC, but just Voice Navigation. In other words Phone Module shows [Not Available] under the Configuration Status menu, but it does still work because the NAV System is receiving the CAN bus ids from the Sync module. If I have the dealer program my NAV Unit for Sync this error will go away. I just haven't found a need to spend the money since it is working fine without this. BTW the DTC and Configuration settings for a NAV Unit can be retrieved from the Maintenance menu by holding down the 3 and 6 keys.

You have been posting a lot on this subject and are apparently still waiting on a Sync module that will fit your system. I would wait to post until you know exactly how this system works. I don't claim to know everything on this, but am just reporting what has worked for me and the retrofit kit from Ford is working perfectly for me with my 2008 NAV Unit.


I do not know if the 9R3Z-14D212-A kit will work for 2009/10 NAV Units because I haven't tried it, although I suspect it will. As you have discovered the connectors are different compared to the stock harness, but otherwise the hardware inside the module is the same. With this kit you wont have a problem finding the right Sync module because both the harness and module are included. I believe the Sync module hardware versions in the 2008-2010 vehicles are all SYNC001 but the 2009+ just have TSB 09-11-8 SYNC WITH 911 ASSIST AND VEHICLE HEALTH REPORT (VHR) Software Upgrade Installation pre-applied. Once applied the Sync module will be running software version 2.0 or above, which the Dealer calls SYNC 2.0. The retrofit kit comes with Sync software version 1.3 which is the latest SYNC 1.0 version of software without 911/VHR. There are now software levels above 3.0 I believe.

The 911/VHR software update can only be done by the dealer and not via SyncMyRide downloads to a USB stick because it updates the Vehicle Interface Processor (VIP) in the APIM. The USB method from updates only the Consumer Interface Processor (CIP) side of the APIM module and is customized for each vehicle based on the last reported APIM software level state. In order to update the VIP in the Sync module (APIM) the dealer uses the Data Link Connector (DLC) located in the driver footwell area. The dealer programming software connects over high speed CAN bus which is why the two DLC wires need to be connected directly to the APIM module. If these are not connected properly you won't be able to program the VIP.

Here are all SYNC related TSBs for the 2008 Explorer model year:

Note: TSB 09-13-5 actually replaces the stock mirror microphone (via bypass) with the microphone that is include with the Ford retrofit kit. This microphone actually works very well and so anyone doing the retrofit can save themselves some money by not replacing the mirror and instead performing the upgrade per suggestions in this TSB using the microphone supplied with the kit. Replacing the roof harness is not easy since the existing harness is glued to the headliner and is difficult to remove without damaging the headliner. It is actually easier to just run the extra needed wires and splice into the existing harness and add the 10pin connector. So my suggestion is to use the microphone included with the kit instead.

2008 Mustang with OEM Navigation

I have a 2008 Ford Mustang that I purchased without navigation. However, I bought the OEM NAV unit online (it was taken out of a Mercury) and had it reprogrammed to work with my Mustang. The installation was simple, however I had to send the unit away to a third party to be reprogrammed. If I hold the 3 and 6 buttons down for 3 seconds the configuration screen shows you all of the options configured on your NAV unit. Mine says Phone Module - Not Available and Voice Recognition - Disabled.

Aside from buying and installing the 9R3Z-14D212 SYNC Kit, what other items do I need to purchase for an '08 Mustang with Factory NAV in order to be able to use SYNC and have the NAV buttons control the system instead of the seperate 3-button remote included with the kit?

markhas, you talk about a T-harness that you need on the Explorer. Do you have any information about this for a Mustang? I would also have to get my radio reprogrammed which I could likely have done by the same guy who programmed it to begin with.

Any help would be appreciated.

9R3Z-14D212 SYNC Kit

You are in luck! A seller named dealerconsignments is currently selling the entire 9R3Z-14D212 kit new for around $60 including shipping on EBAY. I believe this will be all you need to get SYNC working in your mustang in addition to getting the NAV unit programmed for Voice and Sync and wiring up the steering wheel buttons. I am not completely familiar with the Mustang, and you should try and get a hold of a 2008/2009 Ford Service Manual with Wiring Diagrams for your car to help you complete the install.

The NAV unit you have should be a 2008 with chrome buttons and no hard drive. If you have a 2009 NAV then you will need to do some more work since that unit comes with built in Sirius satellite tuner and external amplifier.

The T harness that comes with the SYNC kit is plug and play for the 2008 Nav unit, however since this kit was intended for a non-navigation install you can't use the button contols that come with it. The buttons have to be wired first to the NAV unit directly instead of to the APIM as it would be with a non-navigation setup. I would instead buy the RH steering wheel button controls that are needed for your Mustang that include the phone and voice buttons and leave the kit buttons disconnected. The easiest way to do that is call the dealer or find a VIN for a 2008 that has SYNC and Nav and then use to order the RH steering button contol module (should be around $30-$40).

If you have an early model 2008 Mustang (assuming it is the same as the Explorer), you may be missing a wire from the steering wheel clockspring to the the navigation unit. If you end up with the buttons not working, this will most likely be the case, and you will need to run a wire from the clockspring to the Navigation unit. This is for SWC+ and SWC- as the early model cars only had a single wire for Voice in 2008.

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Thanks for all of the information. This shoud be very helpful to my installation. In fact, I already saw the $60 SYNC kit on ebay and purchased it last night. The only remaining question I have it about the navigation unit itself. I have a 2007 navigation unit (one with the mute button and black knobs instead of the phone button and chrome trimmed knobs). Although I know the button is labeled wrong, the configuration screen (when you press 3 and 6) still lists "phone module". Is the hardware definately different and will it not work with the SYNC kit? I have read in several places, including this thread, that it has to be the newer 2008 or better NAV unit, but I'm curious if anyone has tested it on the older 2006-2007 units. If you have any insight, I'd definately appreciate it.