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Is there any way to get the sync system in my 07 EB

SYNC Requires newer "Chrome" NAV with Phone button

I am afraid the older (non-chrome) NAV unit without the Phone button will not work with SYNC. I don't know the details of the hardware differences, but at a minimum the firmware in the old Nav unit will not work. There are numerous differences such as phone/media display screens, steering wheel button control changes and CAN bus interface to/from APIM (SYNC). The "phone module" setting in your unit I believe is for an older non-SYNC bluetooth system. BTW this does not show enabled on my unit either and SYNC works fine. The problem you will find is that the chrome button 2008 Ford/Pioneer Navigation with SYNC capability is very rare as it was only produced for one year. I have seen rumors that there are some 2008 navigation units without chrome buttons that will work, but they still have the Phone button on them. In 2009 Ford went with a Clarion based Navigation unit that has an internal hard drive and external amplifier which is much more common now as it was used from 2009 through 2011 present (replaced in some cars by MyFordTouch in 2012). These newer units will work in a 2007/2008 vehicle but you will need to do a lot more wiring/retrofitting.

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FYI - Unlock First Gen Driving Restrictions

I'm not sure if you know this, but just in case you may have a co-pilot that likes to navigate or enter an address from the passenger seat while you are driving; below are instructions for getting around these driving restrictions:

Use at your own risk! I have done this and it works great.

1. Take vehicle outside and agree to nav instructions. The gps needs to know its position, so wait until slashed GPS symbol is gone from the screen.

2. Push hard nav button (on right side of radio). Go to your address book. Pick any of one of your saved addresses or enter a new one. Highlight that address and then push soft Edit button on right of the screen. You will now see the name of your selected address.

3. Clear the name of the address and type in F-DEVELOP ON
(make sure to put space between DEVELOP and ON).

4. Now look to the upper left corner and you will see the word ADDRESS. Place your finger directly under the A and hold. If you do this right, the screen should change to the map screen.

5. Now push your hard MENU button (on left side of radio). Across top of the screen push soft SECURITY button which brings up the security screen. You will see nothing in the bottom right most corner of nav screen. Push with your finger and hold in that position till the screen changes to a hidden parameter settings menu.

6. On the hidden parameter screen locate the setting for DRIVING RESTRICTIONS release. When you push the button it should change to driving restrictions stop. Exit the screen by pushing the soft BACK button.

7. Now you have temporarily programmed your factory nav radio to allow Destination address entry while in motion.

NOTE: Every time you turn your vehicle off, you will need to repeat steps 5 & 6 as this setting is volatile.

Good luck and enjoy. Don't monkey around with your other parameters, or do so at your own risk. I will not be responsible for your dealer service call. This programming sequence should work for the first generation Ford/Pioneer AVIC navs 06-08. It will not work in the 09 and newer Ford/Clarion, second generation.


Thanks for the information. As for the Steering wheel controls, the 2005-2009 Mustang does not have any radio controls on the steering wheel. However, some of the 2010-2012 models do. I'm looking into getting a steering wheel with the sync and radio buttons from a 2010-2012 model mustang for this purpose, I'm just not sure how the wiring will go and if the connectors are the same and even if the clockspring has the wires in it or if that was changed in 2010. I'll post back on my experience as I get this together.

Microphone not working

I installed my SYNC kit today. I took my navigation unit out and put back my original factory radio (Shaker 500) temporarily until I get a newer generation navigation radio. I should have one by next week. With the regular Shaker 500 radio, I am able to pair my phone with Bluetooth, download my phonebook, listen to bluetooth and USB audio and make and receive calls. Unfortunately I can hear the other party during a phone call but they cannot hear me. I suspect this has something to do with the microphone. Either to micrphone is faulty, or it has something to do with the wiring harness or pins it is connected to. Any ideas what might be wrong?

I don't know why the mic isn't working, but I would try reseating the three pin connector and if that doesn't work, reseat the APIM harness connector where the Microphone is connected to.

If you haven't grabbed a NAV unit yet there are now a bunch for sale on EBay for both 2008 non-jukebox and 2009+ newer Navigation units. One even comes with a Lockpick.


I don't know why the mic isn't working, but I would try reseating the three pin connector and if that doesn't work, reseat the APIM harness connector where the Microphone is connected to.

If you haven't grabbed a NAV unit yet there are now a bunch for sale on EBay for both 2008 non-jukebox and 2009+ newer Navigation units. One even comes with a Lockpick.

I decided to pull out my SJB and check my wiring. I discovered that I had mistakenly connected the red wire from the SYNC module to the light blue/red wire from the SJB instead of the red/light blue wire, as instructed. Once I corrected this problem, my microphone has been working perfectly.

I actually grabbed an 08 NAV unit last week off of ebay and sent it off for programming this weekend. Hopefully I'll have it back by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

Navigation Radio Software Version

I don't know why the mic isn't working, but I would try reseating the three pin connector and if that doesn't work, reseat the APIM harness connector where the Microphone is connected to.

If you haven't grabbed a NAV unit yet there are now a bunch for sale on EBay for both 2008 non-jukebox and 2009+ newer Navigation units. One even comes with a Lockpick.

I wanted to post this to help others avoid the problem I just encountered. I purchased a navigation radio from Ebay. It is the 8R3T-18K931-AC and it has the silver radio knobs and the phone button. However, when I sent it off to be programmed, the programmer got back to me and informed me that the software version loaded on the unit was 3.04 and it needs to be at least 4.0 to work with SYNC. I am now trying to exchange my radio on Ebay. Fortunately I purchased it from a seller with a large stock of these units who may be able to do an exchange. Anyone else looking to do the SYNC installation should be sure to verify that the NAV unit they purchase is running 4.0 software as the software is not upgradable.

This post has been super helpful... I just installed the T-harness into my 2007 EB and it is working pretty well. I need to finish up a few things though, but I was wondering if anyone else that did this would have some tips...

Where did you end up splicing in the accessory power in on the explorer? I was having a little trouble finding a good source.

Also, the WHITE and WHITE/BLUE wires that are supposed to splice into the DLC, what are these for exactly? I did not hook them up and everything appear to work fine... will I need these? or would they only be for updates, maintenance if I needed to get it serviced? I did not see cooresponding WHITE/LIGHTGREEN or PINK/LIGHTGREEN wires in my DLC.

There are various ways you can get Sync in your vehicle. The easiest and cheapest is probably to use the T-harness kit from FORD (9R3Z-14D212-A) which is selling for around $200 on EBay. It includes the Sync module, harness, microphone and control switch (external). You will however need to upgrade your NAV head unit to one that supports SYNC. The NAV Units will have a Phone button on them and have chrome knobs. The cheapest NAV is a 2008-2009 Unit without the Hard Drive for around $500 which would work best in your 2007. The 2008-2009 Nav units have a built in amplifier and work with external Sirius Satellite receivers if you have one of these in your 2007. The newer 2009+ units with Hard Drive and built-in Sirius are nicer, and will cost you upwards of $1000 with external Amplifier and harness. The FORD Sync retrofit kit says it is only for non-navigation radios, but it will work for Navigation as well with some modification. If you choose to use the microphone from the kit then you won't need a SYNC rear view mirror which requires running additional wires under the headliner. The SYNC mirrors are 10 pin (vs the 7 pin) and do require an external compass on the Explorers. So if you buy one of these you need to find a SYNC mirror from an Explorer or Expedition that has this external compass. Instead of using the external switch that comes with the kit you can also buy the RH steering wheel switch module for Sync (Phone and Voice button on NAV, additional OK button on non-NAV), but this will require you to run one or two wires from the clockspring to the NAV wiring harness.


Mark or anyone that's done a sync upgrade:

I know this was posted a long time ago. I was wondering if anyone knows where to splice in the wires from the 8L2Z-9C888-AB RH steering wheel switch from the clockspring to the NAV radio harness. I just added the mustang sync kit (9R3Z-14D212-A) and everything works great except I can't get the phone or voice button to work when I install the newer phone steering wheel buttons. When I put the old non-phone switch back in, the voice button works but the phone button does not.

I downloaded a few circuit diagrams, but they only show where to splice those wires in on a non-nav installation, directly to the sync module.


So after looking into the diagram more it looks like you tie pin 4 from the clockspring to pin 18 of the ACM and pin 6 of the clockspring to pin 17 of the ACM.

I'll give that a try and post back if that works for anyone else who's looking to do the install.

Just an FYI for those who try to install the 9R3Z-14D212-A kit in an Explorer/Mountaineer:

I was unable to install the sync module in the default location next to the center console because the harness isn't long enough to make it. So I installed the module right on top of the Sirius radio receiver in the passengers side footwell and ran the harness cables right behind the glove box. Nice thing with the module installed here, all the fuses are easily accessible after popping down the glove box.

Also, I used the USB adapter that came with the kit to extend the USB signal all the way to the center console. Then I used these two parts:

8L2Z-14D202-A (USB Cable Assy)
8L2Z-19C149-BA (Sync Bezel USB/Aux Audio)

And a USB to mini USB adapter hidden under the console to give me a complete factory look without the patch cable.

Thanks, hopefully this helps anyone else looking to perform this upgrade.

Since the navigation radio is just reading resistances, I decided to just tie posts 2 and 7 together on the actual RH steering wheel buttons. It was easy to pop out the board and this prevented me from having to run another wire from the clockspring to the nav radio. The extra wire is redundant because you can use the SWC1- wire that's already there.

Here's a pic of posts 2 and 7 tied together on the RH steering wheel button with phone button:

You could even splice a wire between pins 2 and 7 on the harness if you didn't want to take apart the button assembly.

You are in luck! A seller named dealerconsignments is currently selling the entire 9R3Z-14D212 kit new for around $60 including shipping on EBAY. I believe this will be all you need to get SYNC working in your mustang in addition to getting the NAV unit programmed for Voice and Sync and wiring up the steering wheel buttons. I am not completely familiar with the Mustang, and you should try and get a hold of a 2008/2009 Ford Service Manual with Wiring Diagrams for your car to help you complete the install.

The NAV unit you have should be a 2008 with chrome buttons and no hard drive. If you have a 2009 NAV then you will need to do some more work since that unit comes with built in Sirius satellite tuner and external amplifier.

The T harness that comes with the SYNC kit is plug and play for the 2008 Nav unit, however since this kit was intended for a non-navigation install you can't use the button contols that come with it. The buttons have to be wired first to the NAV unit directly instead of to the APIM as it would be with a non-navigation setup. I would instead buy the RH steering wheel button controls that are needed for your Mustang that include the phone and voice buttons and leave the kit buttons disconnected. The easiest way to do that is call the dealer or find a VIN for a 2008 that has SYNC and Nav and then use to order the RH steering button contol module (should be around $30-$40).

If you have an early model 2008 Mustang (assuming it is the same as the Explorer), you may be missing a wire from the steering wheel clockspring to the the navigation unit. If you end up with the buttons not working, this will most likely be the case, and you will need to run a wire from the clockspring to the Navigation unit. This is for SWC+ and SWC- as the early model cars only had a single wire for Voice in 2008.
why the t-harness kit must be spliced to the DLC data link connector?

Have you tested this harness out on a 2007 explorer cause you dont want to mislead people...I doubt it would work.

If you really want to want sync in 2006-2007 you have to create a custom harness similar to sync retro-kit harness. You have to build a custom sync harness and I am working one as of right so I will have pictures posted if anyone is interested just got the wrong sync module the guy sent me a 2008 module and not 2009/10 cause the sync plugs are different for 2009-10 same sizes and just different groves.
Did you ever finish the wiring loom? I am wanting to install sync in my 06 limited and needing to do the same thing

Kind of hijacking this very old post, but I'm trying to do the same thing and wondered if anyone can offer advice for someone who's not that brilliant at technical language? I have a 2008 Explorer XLT fitted with a stock ford stereo with the chromed bezels around the switches and a Phone Switch.

Its not got an APIM and I wondered if I could fit one. At the local pick and pull, I found a 2010 Explorer and bought the APIM and centre console harness. On trying to fit it, I've realised my car's main harness only has one of the connectors (the grey one in the image below) that connects to the centre console harness that I pulled from the 2010 car. The centre console harness looks like the one below but has two of the larger connectors and the black one (which I don't have a home for) is labelled FORD 9L2T 14B079 B6EJ3

Do you know what this second black connector attaches to - can I reconnect the wires into my main car harness or is that simply not feasible. Can I get anything else out of the 2010 vehicle in the breakers yard to help?

This is image is from an earlier thread that was on a similar subject: retrofitting Sync into an 08 Ford Explorer. The black connector on the harness I've got with an APIM from a 2010 Explorer is not labelled 8L2T 14B079 B59CP but has the number above stuck onto it?


Any ideas?? PS I also bought the rear view mirror with the Microphone from the 2010 Explorer in the pick and pull.