Is there anything i should do while i am putting in a new clutch? | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Is there anything i should do while i am putting in a new clutch?


June 2, 2001
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'97 4.0 SOHC Control Trac
Gonna do the clutch this weekend. Is there anything else i should do while i am at it?

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Yes, be sure to replace the combination throwout bearing/slave cylinder while you're in there. Now is the time to do it.

Pressure plate should be replaced as well, and the flywheel should be checked for flatness and cracks.

I had little Patence

When I tried to do mine, I had the tranny un bolted and everything. I wiggled and shook to get it out, but the exhuast piping seem to hold it. I gave up relizeing i wouldn't be able to do it (thought i was doing somthing wrong) So i brought to a freinds shop, Huffs High Performence, and he started work almost right away. I came back after work, about 9 hours, just to get an update. I laughed as i entered becuase, they were were all working at getting the header bolts off (heating the block) They smiled when i entered, so i asked, "exhust in the way?" sacasticly. they returned my sarcasm with "you knew this was going to be a b***h." so I opted to go grab a six pack for em. They only broke 1 bolt in the header. which they said they could get out, but it would take an hour or two, and they wern't sure they could get it at that. So i told em to clamp it. $815 was the total. He only charged me 5 hours of labor and they worked till 11:30 that night. I told em to leave but they loved working on the truck!! So to make a long story short. BEWARE THE EXHUAST DEMON!!! :exp::hammer:

When i had my clutch replaced recently i had the shop replace the rear main oil seal on the engine. I also went to the shop and looked at the xplor on the lift and checked it over. I opted to replace the O2 sensor since it was out and easy to unplug. The shop manager gave me permission to replace it myself while the xplor was still on the lift. One more thing to do is while you have the tranny out you need to replace the 3 freeze out plugs near the shift rails with metal ones available at napa. Lastly, pop off the cover where the shifter goes in and inspect the polyurethane bushings. If they are cracked, you need to replace them. This is all I can think of that hasnt been said.

Pilot bearing... dont forget the pilot bearing.