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Is this gap a problem


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March 30, 2014
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Manville, NJ
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1999 Ford explorer xlt
Was cleaning my throttle body while doing intake gaskets and the gap seemed excessive but I’ve never seen one with out an iac valve so don’t know if this normal. I can push the butterfly plate so it’s fully closed but this is it with no pressure on it


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If you don't have an IAT that's probably acceptable.
IF you have an IAT what is your idle at?

IF you're within spec i'd leave it be.

When in a gear and foot on brake?
Even if NOT thats a little high.
Before I pulled the intake to replace my fuel pressure sensor my rpms would go from 11-9 and gradually fade to 750 with the car in park. Since replacing the sensor and cleaning as much of my intake as I could my rpms now got to 950ish and drop to 750 after a minute or two