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Is this Governor bad? **PICS**


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July 16, 2007
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1994 navajo
I have been having shifting problems of late so i pulled my governor 5 minutes ago, but it doesnt look bad? Can someone plese tell me if this is bad or not and whether or not to clean it or to replace it? Thanks





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What you have pictured is part of the governor assembly. the counterweight.

somewhere in the sticky section, the A4LD rebuild by Glacier tells more about it's operation.

is your tranny having a delayed upshift from 1 to 2 ? more info would be helpful. does the manual shift from 1 to 2 work properly ? does the problem correct itself after the tranny is warmed up ?


yes i am having delayed shifting from 1-2 now that it is cold. After it warms up, it has perfect operation, but with weather getting below freezing, that takes a while and revving high for so long was wasting gas and getting annoying, but its fine after it gets to operating temperature, I can post pics of the whole assembly if necessary. thanks

if it was me, I'd clean the aluminum body internally with scotchbrite, make sure the plunger was a smooth, but not loose fit, and don't forget the spring that was in the assembly.

scotchbrite the inside of the counterweight, too. put it back together, install it and give her a try.