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Is this normal transmission shifting?

Sean Anderson

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April 4, 2018
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Bloomington, Indiana
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2001 Ford Explorer XLT
So as I stated in one of my earlier posts this is a one owner(my mom) who just gave me the explorer that I grew up with and now I’m Tinkering with it and such.

Anyways I was told that these 5 speed transmission “learn” how you drive and base shift points on that. Is there a way to “unlearn” and what not. It does not have ANY problems shifting or what not, but it keeps the engine at the same rpm when it shifts each gear. It does not go up down up down up down. I uploaded a video to my YouTube so y’all can see what I mean. Ignore me trying to count the gears. But when I say a number it’s shifting. But sometimes you can’t even see the tach move when it shifts. Yes all 5 gears work just fine. I just feel like I could be getting better use of the HP and such if it shifted like a “normal transmission” haha

You all see me posting a lot about this thin now. Also PLEASE IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE MACH AUDIO SYSTEM GO TK AUDIO THREAD and read my question and possibly answer how I can convert the standard audio system to premium! Thanks!








I had an 01 XLT, 4.0 SOHC, that did this, it had 3:55 gears, and I had a 4:10 geared 01 Eddie Bauer, also a 4.0 SOHC, that shifted "normal", so I'd deem your shifting normal.

i'm no engineer or expert on anything automotive, so I'm just musing here. There's likely a "sweet spot" between gas consumption, acceleration, RPMs, engine (reserve) power, speed, ...and ??? So I'm just presuming that Ford engineers chose a "balance" of these factors in designing the shift points for the transmission. "Yes" it would be "nice" if they had afforded individual drivers some control over boosting individual factors--like acceleration, RPMS, (vehicle) speed, etc.--but then that would have required some "portal" into "adjusting" the vehicle's computer programming.
I'm just surprised that the EPA hasn't mandated reprogramming of the entire fleet of SUV's to MAXIMIZE fuel consumption! They (government dictators) did this to washing machines and now we don't even get to choose how much water we get to input into our washing machines!!!