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Is this ok? please help


July 7, 2013
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95 civic, 2000 explorer
I recently found a 1999 ford explorer Eddie Bauer with the 5.0 v8. it has 208,000 miles on it. The owner seems honest and straight forward. I know a little bit about hondas, but not ford trucks. As far as i could tell it was not leaking oil, however it looks like the rear diff has a little bit of moisture possibly a leak? Overall i like the truck. i test drove it, and it drove well and didnt smoke. Is 1500 too much for this truck? They wanted 2,000 but they agreed to 1500. Now im sleeping on it. If anyone can tell me there opinion i would be very appreciative!! Thanks

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For 1500, drive it til it dies and you are still ahead!

if the rear diff is leaking, you have one of 2 things leaking, the actual gasket for the pan, which is VERY easy to replace, or a pinion seal, which can be done easily, but can also be messed up easily, which would leave to a rear end rebuild... Me personally, I have a pinion seal leak, I just top mine off every 2 months, doesn't even take that much.

If the body, interior and frame are in good condition the 5.0 is very reliable engine so it sounds like a reasonable price. I have two of them and I like them. Common problems I know of are rear wiper motor, radiator leaks, plastic fan cracking, fuel pump pick up, gangster lean, rear hatch closing or failure at hatch hinges, abs sensors, dpfe sensor, iac, ...

sounds like a good deal to me. keep in mind the 5.0's (and the v6's for that matter) get poor fuel economy around town. they're not too bad on the highway. i typically get around 15 city and up to 23 hwy, but depending where you live and how you drive you can be looking at 13 city and <20 highway. the leaks you report are easy/inexpensive to repair.

how are the brakes, tires, ball joints, shocks, tie-rod ends, battery radiator? these are things that cost more serious money to repair. hows the body and interior? rust? is it AWD?

all in all the Gen II v8's are very reliable vehicles. obviously i like them a lot... lol