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is this the death rattle?????


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September 11, 2007
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oshawa, ontario. home 2 goverment motors canada
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99 ex sport
ok so iv had my truck parked for some time an iv been working on it to get it back up to road legal again. so i was replacing a rear brake line an ran out of gas. got some fresh gas an fired her back up to a lil tick that became this in a few mins. is this the death rattle from the 4.0l sohc iv heard for so long? the motor is a 99 4.0l sohc with 298.000 km eh!

To me that sounds more like a ticking noise, like a lifter thats hung up than the timing chains when they start to rattle. I would get a clip of what mine sounded like cause it was really bad but the motors partially pulled apart in the middle of gettin repaired.
Have you changed the oil recently, cause when i had bad oil in my old ramcharger it had a horrible tap, fresh oil and it completely went aware... I did have over a gallon of gas in that particular batch of oil but still lol

it has fresh synthetic in it, only a few days old. i had to replace the lower oil pan in it. its been on synthetic for well over 150,000km. it had it for the pass 7 years iv owned it.

the sounds is coming from the drivers side of the motor from listening to it with a stethoscope in the area. its so loud i just cant pin point where.