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Is this track bar mount strong enough

Welded to the frame what do you think. I am planning on adding a plate on the inside and outside to box it in. Do you think I need any more?

From the bottom of the frame to the center of the bolt is 4". That should give you an idea of how much leverage we are looking at. What kind of extra bracing would you do if you think it is neccesary. It would be prettyy hard to go to the engine cross member cause the upper link will hit it on compression.




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Also the grade 2 bolt is for mockup only. I have a grade 8 to replace it when I assemble everything.

Trac-bar mounts see a lot of force, I'd do everything you can to strengthen it up. Boxing it in is a good start, I'd also like to see it braced against something maybe not the to the engine crossmember but a simple link to the opposite framerail with some 1" or so tubing.
Also, I suggest plating the frame first with the mount on top of the plating. I know my mount is a bit different but when I first did my mount it was not plated and started to tear the underside of the framerail. Luckily I caught it in time and reworked to mount starting with frame plating.

Weld a plate to the frame itself then weld the mount to the plate instead of directly to the frame.

Weld a plate to the frame itself then weld the mount to the plate instead of directly to the frame.


That should go without saying as far as welding anything to the frame...plate it first.

With my axle pushed forward about 4" over stock it makes it interesting on how to get the track bar mounted. I couldn't figure out a good way to plate the whole frame then weld the track bar on. so I welded the track bar on to the frame. Then I cut a piece of steel to slide around the top half of the mount to plate around it. Welded it to the frame and also to the track bar mount. I also added gussets on both sides of the mount on the bottom. If My math is right it gives me over 30" of weld between the trackbar and the frame.

Once I get it all back togetehr I will see if there is a way to get a bar to the other frame rail. Just to get the track bar to clear I had to bend it. The pitman arm clears teh track bar by about a quarter inch as well as all teh steering links only clearing each other by a quarter inch as well. Everything fits tight so we shale see how it works out.

I have a bit of grinding and some small welds on the axle and it will be ready to paint. The track bar mount is pretty much done just a bit of grinding and it wil be ready to paint.

No way to build a riser off of the front housing? Its better to have a tall riser on the axle and keep the trackbar mount on the frame as short as possible. This does 2 things-

1- gives you more clearance at the bar/diff

2- makes it easier to build stronger. The forces from the tracbar are almost all going to be perpendicular with the framerail. This, by nature, makes it difficult to build something strong that hangs low because the forces "T" at the frame mount and try to rock it back and forth until it breaks off.

At the axle though, the forces run down the length of the housing so you can build a pyramid type mount that is way stronger than anything you can fit on the frame. :)

The mount on the axle is already almost 6" off the housing as it is. On compresson it misses the passanger frame rail by less then an inch. I already switched to a flatter pitman arm so I could get it even closer to the frame.

Pictures show it with about 3" more of up travel till it will hit the bump stops. However it looks like I might be able to get something to fit to go to the frame rail. I think I will assemble everything and see what kind of space I have to work with.



Here is what I have now. I added a 1/4" plate around the top of the trackbar mount on the frame. I welded it to the frame and then to the trackbar mount. Then I added a gusset on each side that I welded to the frame. That gives me 7" of weld along the bottom of the frame. I also box in the front and back of the mount.

Then I took a piece of 1" square tube that I had and welded it onto the bottom of the track bar mount and then plated and welded it to the other frame rail. I have brackets in it so I can unbolt it if I need to get the steering box out.



Good idea on making that brace removable, should be plenty strong now.