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Issue after replacing cylinder head gasket


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January 25, 2014
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Hi All,

I have a ford explorer 2005 4.0 with 163500km and I have always some issues with it.
Currently, I replaced the radiator, the water pump and the thermostat for water then after a few days so now I replace the cylinder head gasket and the oil cooling.
I tested my car a few hours ago and when :
- I start the car, it shudders
- I accelerate, the car take time before reaching 80 km/h
- I do just a test on the road and apparently there is a overconsumption of fuel.
The mechanic said me to replace cylinder block.

Do you have some hypothesis on these issues ?

After replacing cylinder head gasket, should I do a running in ?

I replaced the left rear wheel bearing and until now, I always hear a sound when I slow down and when I brake.

Do you have any ideas ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.