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Issues fixed and Speedometer issue remains


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March 7, 2016
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Fulton, NY
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1995 Ford Explorer
1995 Explorer. Sport edition with a manual 5 speed 4wd.

Speedometer shows classic signs of a bad wire from the speed sensor. Upon acceleration or "going fast" the speedometer works. Slow down a bit and it gets jumpy and then dies to a few jumps and then flat lines. Looks like as the engine 'tilts' upon acceleration the wire contacts complete and then it works. Engine relaxes and tilts back to it's 'rest' position and then the break in the wire presents.

I'm going to spend some time trying to find the break. But it might just be easier to just run a set of new wires to the sensor. Problem I have is? I lack an actual wiring schematic for this. All the shop manual I have shows is dated to 1992ish and this is a 1995.

Does anyone happen to have the layout for a 1995 2door sport with a 5 speed manual? I've found quite a few posts regarding automatic's. I know where the wires 'end' at the VSS on the transfer case. But where do they end at?

On the lighter side:

Charged the A/C with just one can of 134a with leak detect. Should be fun to see if I can U/V see where the stuff leaked out at. Compressor actually is pretty quiet and cold. (considering it was stone dead empty)

Replaced the clock spring with one from the scrap yard. $20 bucks and $10 for the torx set. (T50 if anyone wonders) Old clock spring was totally torn apart. The 'beeping' we heard when the truck started was the air bag warning system. It no longer beeps with an error for the bags. And the horn now works!

I did snag a VSS pig tail. The installed one was missing both ears that hold the connector to the sensor. So it's now secure to the sensor, but with all the handling of the harness? We now have a dead speedometer (I've not taken it on the road to see if it springs to life as it did, but I'm certain we have a broken wire. Question is where...)