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Issues with a 95 Explorer


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November 9, 2011
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My girlfriend has a '95 Explorer that has some issues. She took it to a mechanic and he told her what was wrong with it, though after reading some other stuff on the forum I don't know how accurate his diag was.

Anyways, so the issues are sometimes when idling it will stall (it also sounds a little funny when idling). And then I guess everything stops working if you go above 7000ft elevation - which around here is kinda a problem, since to even leave the city you have to go over that. And sometimes the O/D Off light with flash, though it didn't seem to really affect anything. The check engine light isn't on either, I don't know if it has a OBDII connector, but if it does I can a scantool I can plug into it.

The mechanic said, at least as far as my girlfriend can remember (it's written down somewhere I guess, I dunno). The O2 sensors need replaced (he said all of them), the idle air control valve, and the fuel pump is starting to go. There is one other thing too I think, but she can't remember what it was.

So anyways, the idle air control valve is real easy, I did that on my truck. And I guess the O2 sensors are pretty easy with with the right tools, but does anyone have a tutorial/video on how to do this? And how about a tutorial for the fuel pump (not sure if it's in-tank or not, but I'm sure you guys know).

95 is obd1. OBD2 didn't start until 96.

For the o2 sensors, spray around them for a few days with some penetrating oil of your choice. If you're replacing them you don't need a special o2 socket, just cut off the wire and use a wrench of your choice.

The pump is in the tank. A lot of people here advise just cutting an access panel to get to it, it's beneath the rear seat on the driver side. I need to replace mine as well but I don't believe in hacking the car to get to it, so I'm going to drop the tank.