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ISSUES with keyless entry


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October 16, 2001
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Indianapolis, IN
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1996 5.0
I have an issue with my keyless entry that I cannot track down. I have two fobs, both don't work at all and have fresh batteries. Also, the keypad on the door does not work anymore and does not light up. Other than that, all the door locks work fine from the buttons inside. Anybody know what the issue is here? Could it be the keyless entry module (which i believe is behind the drivers side rear panel)? And if so, what causes it to go bad? I just stoped working one day.

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ahahaha i too am having the same problem and it just occured in the last few days... 2 FOBs both dont work, but the number keypad thing on mine does.

as dman suggested, did you check the fuse? i checked mine and they were ok so im thinking its the module thing in the back by the bottle jack (ooOOF that rhymes!).

i dont mean to hijack ur thread (no need to run an HJT scan and post ur log file) but i was wondering, if u replace that module in the back, you would also have to reprogram the FOBs correct?

Don't know why or if it is bad (RAP) but the light for the pad gets it power from the RAP but of course only if power gets to the RAP. Two fuses are involved, one on the power distribution box and an interior box one. May be unplug the module and then replug.

it could be the modual. yes it is behind the drivers side cargo panel. it might be wise to try one out of a junk yard truck.

I'm pretty sure I checked all of the fuses when this first happened and they were fine. I'll check again.

of course, you should also check to see that you are getting 12v and grd on specific leads going to the RAP.

so which wires would that be? i looked at the RAP and there are two groups of connectos each with probably a dozen wires.

pin 25 (BL/PK) for accessory or run and pin 12 (W/LB) at all times. Pin 14 (BL/W) is grd.

Hartman said:
I'm pretty sure I checked all of the fuses when this first happened and they were fine. I'll check again.

You sound like me Hartman. Lately all I've been doing is posting truck problems that I've been having. As soon as I uttered the words "I want to sell my truck", it all went to hell :mad: