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Issues with Light switch


February 25, 2018
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1999, Sport 2WD, SOHC

I'm having issues with my lighting still The backstory is I was having issues with the battery draining slowly. I took it to the mechanic, they could not find the cause and they gave it back. The headlights stopped working shortly after.

I replaced the turn signal, the turn signal relay, the light switch and bought a new light switch wire harness. I got the lights working again, however I'm having two new problems that I think are the wires not being correct.

1. When I turn on the lights, the oil indicator goes completely down.

2. The light on the switch will not go off at all. Picture below. Thank you.

The crappy diagram is how I have it set up now.



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Ebay has the 99 electrical wiring manual for sale. The Ford manual is a large size that is very easy to read from. For $39.00 it is a good deal.

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Good luck

You can get the diagrams free. I wouldn’t pay 39 for them. I can try and dig up the links when I get home if no one posts them before.

Free wiring diagrams can be found here in the auto repair referencecenter:
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Ok great. I really appreciate it. Thank you.