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Issues with my 2002 explorer


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March 23, 2012
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I am new to this site and of course need some help with my 2002 Ford Explorer. I have several issues and I am hoping to get some easy solutions to fix the problems.

My first and formost problem is the power windows, radio and dome light keep blowing fuses. Per this site I replaced the fuse under the hood as well as the fuse under the dash just last night and they all worked. Got up to start the car this morning and found that they were not working again. Checked the fuse under the hood and it was good, but the fuse under the dash was not. Any other suggestions to help fix the problem?

I am also having issues with the door ajar light coming on, but saw on the site to use wd 40. I will try that tonight and see what happens. Really hoping that it works. Would mean one less thing to have to fix right now.

are there any aftermarket electronics like an aftermarket stereo head unit, brake controllers or anything like that installed on your X?

No there are no aftermarket parts on or in the vehical