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it figures.... i got rear ended


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June 9, 2010
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Shelby twp. Michigan
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02 mountaineer v8
so i got my mounty packed up and im heading up north to go hunting.. im siting at a red light on a fogy morning and boom, out of nowhere i get hit. i had my trailer on, luckly, cuz the only things that were dan=maged here the bumper and the hitch... she,.. yes, she, hit me doin at least 50mph. it was on a high way. her car was totaled. my trailer only has a scratch or two. and my hitch got shoved into my spair tire and stabed a hole in my bumper... and to top this story off, she didnt have insurance and my truck only has PLPD. i was so pissed off. so we drive the truck and trailer home ( some how it was all still conected). and we had to cut the trailer hitch off to get the trailer off my truck. then we re-atach it to my cousins f150. we drive to my house and a piece of glass from the chicks car bounces off the trailer and ends up in my tire. so i get a flat.... and to top it off. once i finaly make it up north, i dont get any deer... the neighbor who never comes up, shoots it... we put r time in and put "encouragement" out for the deer to come in and we put in food plots. we got trail cams put out. but all the other people shoot the big bucks......this sucks. ill put pix of my truck up soon.

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Wow that's terrible I'm sorry to hear that man. Did you get a police report? I thought insurance was mandatory unless you pay a fee, and that fee goes somewhere... I'm surprised she could walk away from that.

her insurance was expired. and ya i got a report.. were plobably gonna take it to court... but i dont think she was wearing a seatbelt cuz she smashed her head on the windshield... ouch..and her car looked like she hit a brick wall.

I have a few choice words to say about that, but it's late so I'll let it go. Sounds like justice was swift. The important thing is you don't have back or neck problems from this. Machines can be replaced lives can not.

yup. thats what my dad and cousin said. but im pissed. she just didnt seem to care about anything.

Dang, that sucks! Sorry to hear about that. Did you get any pics up yet? I cant see em cuz this is posted via my phone.
this reminds me of when my 98 got hit. The lady assumed my, dad who was driving it, was going to run a red. The metal bumper held up well. My dad didn't care but i was pissed off cuz i'm having to pay for a bumper.
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not yet... but the truck/trailer held up well for a 50+ mph hit. ill try and put the few i got up now

sounds like the careless Ahole that cut me off last winter resulting in my red X to be totalled...

if i didnt have the trailer on.. i would have had to part with my mounty and that would b a sad day... i prob. would haveto kill that girl

heres some pix i too that morning



some people are evil man, glad youre ok. you're x's arse looks like its been locked up in the penitentary. how come its so hard to realize if its foggy and you cant see s*** slow down?

ya thats what we were sayin. the roads were wet, u couldnt see the hood of ur own car but this woman had somewhere to b..... and it wasnt like i was in some urban area... i was the only car on the road....ther than her.

f***** silly c***. its only luck no one was killed. christ, i hope shes learnt her lesson.

ya she beter have!!! and if she didnt, she will when were in court

just dont knock her off mate, (and get caught) the last thing you need is your arse matching your x's. good luck in front of the judge, you should be right.

thanks man.

That sucks! Glad to hear you are ok though! One of the 2 times I got hit in my Ranger was by a woman who ran a red light. Thankfully, she had insurance, but she was not opposed to telling me how much she didn't appreciate me causing the accident... Which was apparently my fault..

It was determined she was at fault(obviously), but you sure have to watch out for some people!

Thats one sturdy trailer hitch to take a 50MPH hit and still go home. What was her excuse for the accident and what was she driving? Sounds like it crumpled whatever it was. What kind of trailer you got too? Not a box I'm guessing since it survived as well

Glad to hear you're OK! It's that time again when people don't pay attention

she had no excuse.she didnt even try to talk to us.. it was foggy and she was probably on the phone not paying atention. the trailer i have is a hawk line 12' x 8' open trailer. its rock solid. its ben hit 3 times now and its just got a few scratches. her car was some 1980 buick POS. no air bags either.. haha

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She got lucky with just a bump on the head then! Hopefully the trailer hitch doesn't set you back too much especially since you are paying out of pocket till everything goes to court. Good luck getting that Buck this season!