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It's Alive and kickin!! - V8 "X"

Well, as the title states......Ive have finally finished my conversion project......(for the second time, that is) (as many of you know, my original mustang 5.0 had a spun bearing, so I had to redo the project) I have not driven it much yet, because I want to get the TV presure Perfectly dialed in......which is very very important with the AOD.

Anyway: To recap, here is what i did:

I took a 92 Thunderbird 5.0 H.O. V8 EFI MAF, and installed it in my 91 Explorer 4dr 4x4. Furthermore, I installed the whole interior, electronics, and complete "headlight to tailight" wiring harness from a 94 Limited Edition explorer. (so, I basically had 2 projects goin on at the same time!) While I had my transmission out of the truck, for the second time, I decided I might as well have it rebuilt: I installed Alto H.D. direct clutch packs, Kevlar Overdrive band, and A+ Overdrive addition to the complete Overhaul, ie; seal and misc clutches. (my trans was rebuilt by a ford tranny mechanic....see my previous post)

Here are the materials I used for my 5.0 project:
-92 5.0 H.O
-AOD (Automatic Overdrive Transmission) 000K miles
-Borg Warner 1354 T-case
-A.A adapter for AOD to B.W. 1354 T/Case
-Advanced Adapters motor Mounts
-Heddmann Headers (5.0 ranger specific)
-A.A. remote oil filter
-3inch single exhaust w/ catalytic
-1990 mustang wiring Harness....yep the "odd year"
-used original trans crossmember
-used Accesorrie kit off of my orignal mustang 5.0 on my current T-bird 5.0
-retained original drivelines

-------------------How I did my wiring------------------
I basically integrated the mustang computer harness in to my explorer "BODY" harness by cutting off the relays off the mustang computer harness, and then tying them in to my existing explorer relay and power distribution box. Wiring was easier than I thought......and actually a challenging way! :) It didnt take me long to wire it up once I had a plan and map, what took a long time was the countless hours of research & finishing work, ie; soldering, heat shrink, tape, etc. In the time to come, I will eventually try and put up a website about this, currently all my plans are on about 30 different sheets of paper, and it's gonna take a couple of rainy days to put it all in writing. :)

-------------'94 Limited wirng conversion-------------------
as stated before, I also parted out a complete 94 limited explorer, and intalled all the wiring and electronics in my 91 XLT. (note: the 94 Limited wiring harness IS PACKED WITH GOODIES!!) :)
I had to remove EVERY interior plastic panel and ALSO required the removal of my complete dash! (I rippef out all of the 91 XLT wiring in my dash and replaced with the 94 limited wiring) yes.... tis very different!

here are the benifits of doing such a crazy conversion:
-Ford's top of the line Leather Seats w/ full power movement controls and two person memory....these seats also use thicker leather than the eddie bauer "preforated leather"
-Overhead Computer Console (elec. temp, compass)
-Auto Dimming mirror
-Automatic lights and DELAY option
-factory connections and switch for fog lights
-JBL Subwoofer and sound system
-one touch window control
-Auto light off.... ( in case ya leave your lights on)
-KEYLESS entry
-Anti-theft SECURITY ALARM w/ hood pin sensor.
-4 Wheel ABS "ready"
-2 cup Leather center console w/ "limited trim"

anyway, the engine has a nice deep growl to it.........i will post more, as the time progresses. Also, if you have in depth questions concerning wiring, the best way to ask me questions is through AIM....AOL instant messager) My username is Mr Asp84...... I'm usually on anywhere from 8pm-1am (P.S.T.)

Feel free to ask questions or add constructive feedback!
Good Luck to all planning or currently involved in the conversion!


by the way..........did I mention I'm DONE with this engine conversion crap!!!!!! It's been a long two months!!!!! :fire: just kidding.... .....

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Cool! Sounds good.... I'm sure once I'm back at school (at home now fer a week, spring break!!) I'll hit ya up on AIM to ask wiring questions from this week.


I almost forgot...... Here are the pics!

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Nice... Looks great inside and out!

Thanks Rick....... I'll have to show it to ya personally when I move down to AZ next year


Good to hear that it runs. How does the intake and valve cover difference work with the heater box? I see from the pics that it isn't in place? you know, I have had both a Mustang and T-bird engine in my explorer. When I put the mustang motor in, (the first time) I really had to hack away at the heater box and AC pipes.......

After the installation of the T-bird motor with curved intake and low profile valve covers (and w/o heater box) I have noticed some interesting facts:
1) The curved intak does not give you much of an advantage because the EGR and Throttel/TV linkage connections are right where the AC pipe comes out..... I am not going to install a new Heater box, until I do a 2inch bodylift......(I'm not goin to hack up another box.) From what it looks, a 2inch body lift would make things a lot easier!

Looks very good asp!! more inspiration for us others who also want to do a 5.0 swap

Whats handling the cooling?

mechanical or electric?

WHat radiator is that and how did you mount it?

Did you chop the radiator support?
(hard to tell from those pics)

Just curious. Joe got a Duff 5.0L conversion radiator, looks like nothing more then an old tractor (or skid steer) unit with a new filler tube soldered on.

I bet an old tractor radiator could be made to work with these 5.0L conversions, just some research would have to be done.....

May be a cheaper way to make a mechanical fan work.

Nice job, looks great. :)

The radiator you are looking at is a 1997 Ford Explorer 5.0L V8 Radiator......only used on V8 explorers. IT's huge!!!!! It dwarfs the original 4.0 radiator. MAJOR modification was performed to get this thing to fit! Currently I am running no fan....... (its cold here, and I have not fully switched back over to driving the explorer daily) When I do, I have a Twin Electric fan from a Mercedes waiting to go in. (it pulls a lot of air!!!)


Wow man that looks sweet! I am in the process of getting all the stuff I need to do the same swap. Instead of using the stock Explorer T-case I am thinking of using a T-case from a f150. Not sure yet. I haven't got much stuff yet, but I am always lookin'. If you got any left over parts that could be use in the swap I might be intrested.


thanks, I do have some leftover parts from my conversion that would be of use to some people. I will let you know when I get the list put together.


Thanks any part that you have will be very helpful, that way I don't have to hunt it down.


Man! You guys make me jealous! I cannot wait to buy a house this spring, so I have a garage and I can start accumulating the parts for the 5.0 conversion. I am looking at about 1.5 - 2 years finish time from now!

P.S.: I am working on adding a section to my X show-off site for the 5.0 conversion as I gather info. Probably wont be for a couple weeks, but anyone that has datasheets, schematics or anything in electric form or pertinent info on it email me so I can get it together. I figure this way my researching won't just benifit me but others as well.

Ok......since some of you asked..........Here is my post concerning leftover 5.0 CONV. parts

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