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It's Dark Out...1A Auto Has Nice Light kits!


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April 1, 2009
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92 explorer
It's that time of year when your headlights are on more often than not.

If your headlights are fogged up and getting old,we have a great selection of headlights that will enable you to see on your way home from work.

Click on the link below for details on our website.

95-00 Ford Explorer Headlight Kit

95-00 Ford Explorer Parking Light Kit

1A Auto Parts Offers FREE SHIPPING On All Orders!:salute:


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hey thanks !!!!! i was just looking for a new set of lites for my 95 exploder 4x4 :D

No problem,BTW what year Mustang do you have? I'm a foxbody guy:salute:

sweet i love me some foxbody`s i`ve had a few my self

my current 2 are a black 03-cobra vert SVT 10th anniv
and a drk forrest green 95 GTS coupe

i`ve had a total of 10 mustang`s so far :D