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Its here - Electric Cooling Fan install

Just to ask, but there are a lot of other threads out there where the electric fan was a failure. What make your's any different. Others even used the exact same fan as you have.

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Like I said I hope it works. I want it to work and get one for mine. But why will it work for you and not for these people?

Looking forward to a good working product...


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Simple, It's Black Magic!

Al, Im telling you, in this Florida heat your gonna want to be measuring the coolant's temp, not the radiator metal.
:D Anyways, I want to know if this is a good MPG mod. Keep us posted! (Mabey for your big mileage test you could drive to my house in Tampa so I could borrow your autoxray and see if a bad sensor is causing my truck to idle rough :D :D :D :D)

Originally posted by nweibley
Al, Im telling you, in this Florida heat your gonna want to be measuring the coolant's temp, not the radiator metal.

I have been measuring the coolant temperature, with my OBD II scanner. I have no way to measure the temp from the probe.

Originally posted by Black Magic
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Matt, first of all, it has worked well for me for all 2 days its been on. Troll has a bunch of HP, thats why it doesn't work for him. The others go off road, I do not, maybe thats the problem.

I know lots of folks here in HOT Florida who have converted over to electric fanc.

I just don't see why it will not continue to work well.

Besides if it is not enough there is nothing stopping you from adding an additional pusher fan, except for the electrical requirements.

I see you have the 3 core aluminum radiator. I bet this setup would work even better with a smaller copper radiator (expensive). Also a full shroud is a good idea, otherwise you are only cooling a portion of the radiator....

You may indeed find that the fan will not keep up, but I hope it does. I am one who had to ditch the electric fan because it simply wwas not adequate.

Also a 180 thermostat may help........

Al, Don't get me wrong I want it to work! I am just going by what has happened in the past. If it wasn't for everyone else haveing so many problems I would have gotten the Black Magic Fan already I was doing research on them when 2001ExpSport got his and has so many problems.

Keep us posted on the cooling.

Al, Great post. I too will be following your progress with plans of imatation.
Keep us posted...

Made a 120 mile trip earlier today. The coolany temperature never varied from 192 F. So far so good.

im glad to see that you got it should work just fine...i have had on on my x for about a year and havent had a problem yet, nor do i ever expect to have a problem....i used a fan that draws close to 3000 cfm and draws 9.3 amps....and it has been vary reliable, so far....the one thing i disagree with on here is the fact that you can put a fan on the front on the radiator to be used as a pusher, if you look at the front or the radiator you'll see the suport for the hood latch runs almost dead center of it so to put a fan on the front you would have to use 2 8" or 10" fans verse 1 14" , 15" ,or 16" fan....but you should never have a problem with what you have ...especially with only a v6....btw...i have pics that i had devoloped but can someone explain to me how exactly to put them on here for all to see....thats what was holding me back from showing you how i did mine....but anyways it looks good and good luck...

Would a fan like this be okay for an ohv without upgrading the cooling system (radiator, water pump, thermostat, or other related parts?) I do little off-roading and live at 9500 feet above sea level, where the temperture in the summer hardly ever gets above 80 degrees. I am in Arizona (Phoenix) about 4 times a year when the temperture gets well above that. :D

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thanks for the i'll be able to post some pics on here, i hope....thanks again...

Road trip today, 210 miles. I went 4 wheeling in North Central Florida; we towed my son’s CJ7.

The ambient temp ranged from 75 to 95 F and the electric fan performed flawlessly. The coolant temp ran 194 F.

What really excited me was the gas mileage; we averaged 72 MPH and got 20.4 MPG towing the Jeep.

im glad to hear that.... i really dont think youll have a problem at all, and i think it made a bigger differance in power than putting on a new intake back when my truck was new, changing the fan was one of the first things i did and i never had a problem.....even when its 100 degrees out and im sittin in traffic for hours not moving with the a/c at the beach....just so you know your fan...electric or engine driven....does nothing for your engine at above 40 mph....b/c there is more passing the radiator then the fans pulls when you are sitting still, the only time your FAN cools the radiator is when sitting still or at less than ABOUT 40 mph or what im saying is when your driving down the road at about 40 mph your engine should never over heat exept under heavy anways the real test for yor fan will be in july when its 150 degrees out and your sitting in bumper to bumper traffic with your a/c on.....then youll really know your fan is awsome ....good luck...

Al, how has the AC responded to the electrical you find that it works a bit more efficiently(i.e. cooler air). I was curious cuz I heard someone on this board talk about it . Thanx.

I have noticed no difference in AC performance, so far.

On a recent trip to Atlanta, I got the opportunity to see how the electric fan performs.

In a nutshell, it performed exceptionally well. The coolant temp ran 194 F, the tranny temp and 153 F with ambient temp lea than 90, and 170 F at ambient temps greater than 90.

I got stuck in the infamous Atlanta road construction traffic on the way up and was delayed for about 1 hour in stop and go traffic. Alas, the true test of the fan. The tranny temp ran 200 F and the coolant 194 F, the AC performed well, Bo problems.

The electric fan is a definite winner.

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awesome keep us posted.

I have 1 more question.

What is the clearance between the back of the fan motor and the waterpump pulley?