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its out


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September 16, 2006
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bristol tn
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91 nav ho. 96 5.0 4 dr
after many delays my 5 speed manual trans is out ill post some pics later. one question i have is theirs a bit of play ( side to side ) after taking slave spring an hyro off the shaft. how much is to much ?? im just thinking i should have none at all
if i need a bearing should i buy a whole rebuild kit ??:confused:
1991 4 x4

i smell smoke

ok nobody works on these ?? i realize the end of the shaft rides on the pilot bearing just wanted to ask about this losse nesss no not lok nesss losssse well pics for your entertainment any how do you thk i was ready for a clutch ??? lol


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55 more dollars

well got some parts a few bearings an seals in a kit to do the front half of trans hope thats all i need an can put it together before snow falls


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