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I'v got a ticking noise of some sort, where to start


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September 19, 2005
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Geraldton ontario
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97 explorer sport 4.0
Well I'm not expecting to find my exact problem right now, but just want to get some ideas as to my ticking im hearing.

When the noise is present; Under load WOT in high rpm.

Could be going 20 kph, hit the throttle and about 35-4000 rpm I start hearing a fast ticking(with a rattle??), pretty loud. Could be doing 70kph and hit the throttle to 3/4 maybe more and right befor every upshit at high rpm it ticks then stops once it shifts.

Some background on the vechile.

Burns oil, seen some days when it was 1-1.5 liters down.
-maybe ring flutter, which is why im lossing oil
-or something in the valves area
Runs too rich when WOT.... maybe cat is now failing and knocking around??

These are just some ideas i have... another one is the toque converter failing but not likely... that one i pulled outta my a$$..

If anyone could help out here to help narrow down my problem, or atleast rule out an area... I dont have access to my shop, im in college for another 5 weeks

Tranny fluids been changed 4 months ago, seems ok..old,dirty but alright
1997 4.0 OHV sport
186*** kms