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I've Gone Elite!!

Lil98Sport4X4's Elite X - SOLD

After finally finishing the sound system in my X, I decided to go elite and post some pics for all of you to check out. I still have lots of other projects to complete, but I felt the need to pay up for all the useful info that helped me get my X to where it is today. Thanks for providing such an awesome resource for Explorer owners.

Please drop a comment and let me know what ya think of my X.


Exterior Mods...
32x11.50 BFG All Terrains
Polar Bear Brush Guard (this is IamTodd's old brush guard ...thanks again!)
Hella Black Magic Lights
Xenon Fog Lights
KC SlimLites
Surco Safari rack w/spare tire and light adapters
BFG 32" spare
TrailFX window deflectors
Ventshade sunroof deflector
TrailFX bug shield
Altezza GEN3 taillights
Westin taillight guards
EGR Headlight Covers

Sound System...
Clarion DXZ955MC HU
Pioneer DEQ-7600 EQ/DSP
Creative Zen Vision:M 30 GB MP3/Multimedia player
Pioneer 4 way 6x8s (front)
Pioneer 2 way 6x8s (rear)
Infinity 1011t reference component tweeters
12" MTX Road Thunder subs in custom boxes
Rockford Fosgate P325.1 sub amp
Rockford Fosgate P4004 4 channel amp
Lightning Audio digital 0.5 Farad Cap

2" TT
4 leaf pack transplant (from a '00 XLT)
Warrior Shackles
SensaTrac L/As on rear
SensaTracs on front

Engine/Electrical mods...
Aurora 8.5mm plug wires
Optima Red Top
200A Powermaster Alternator
Alternator Overdrive Pulley (thanks to Aldive for the post )
Extra power distribution block
4 ga. wiring throughout

One Touch Passenger's Window Switch (thanks again to Aldive for the post )
Borla dual in to 2.5" dual out muffler
2.5" to 3" tailpipe tips
custom bent 2.5" catback (thanks to Matt @ Midas for a great job!)
Class III Hitch





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...added pics and mods/specs

Here are some before and after pics I wanted to throw in this thread...

The first pic was taken about a week after I got her. At this point, I only installed a bug shield and bought a new set of rear tires.

The second pic was taken the following week. This was after I did the TT, shackles, and installed a set of window deflectors.

The third pic is what she looks like now. Still have some more to do, and it definitely doesn't sit high enough for me and I want bigger tires. I need to conserve some gas mileage since my gf is over an hour away, so maybe in a couple years I'll get that extra 3"-4" of lift and a set of 35's.


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truck looks good... what are the specs on it? congrats on becoming elite

very nice, clean looking truck. congrats on becoming elite - it's definitely worth the money. i know i've saved a ton of money due to all the information the members on here provide.

Damn that brushgaurd looks good!

Hell, the whole truck does. Totally different from when I saw it.

Hey Todd,

Yeah, I was really happy with the brush guard too. I've been hard at work on the accessories and mods since you've seen it.

Thanks for the feedback.

UV paint damage and rocker panel repair

Hi all....

It's been awhile since I've posted to the forums. I updated my spec list to include a couple of upgrades (catback, muffler, exhaust tips).

I've canceled plans for a 3" BL and bigger tires. Ellie's aging nicely, but I don't think she could handle the extra load of driving 33's at her age. She only has 126k on her right now, but I don't wanna push it.

I'm more focused on fixing the UV paint damage to the front driver's side quarter panel and the rusty rockers right now.

For all you PA X owners out there who are looking, I found a place in Altoona, PA that sells older X parts. I was quoted around $50-55/side for '98 rocker panels. The place is called Fender Mender[(814) 944-2531 in case you're interested].

Nice truck, mine has 176 and plan on makin her run 33's plenty others on here with more miles than us to are doing it :) and thanks for the tip on the place in Altoona.

nice x u got there

New Explorer coming soon

Well, I've decided to finally part with my old X and move on to a newer X.

I'm only days away from acquiring my first Sport Trac. It's a 2007 Limited, and I can't wait to get it home.

I'll post up pics/specs once it's in the driveway. I've already started working on a mod/accessory list (insert evil chuckle here) :D

It'll be a busy spring/summer with a Truxxx lift kit and 32s installed on her in about a year (or sooner).

Did you sell the ex or are you trading it in for the new one? I think I've seen it a couple times in over on E. College Ave.

Good luck on the new ride. I still basically have this plan in my head that will have mine looking like your old one.

Any parts left over from the sport or did you sell everything with it?

Glen4x4 & Sport97-> I haven't sold it yet. I thought about trading it in, but then the dealer told me what he'd give me for it - pass. A friend asked me to call him the minute it went up for sale, so I'm waiting to see what happens with that right now. If the deal falls through, I'll probably post it up here to see what interest there is. I'd rather not part it out though... it's too frickin' cold to be ripping off parts :)

Lacky01 -> I think the ratio is 3.55:1, and it moved the 32s with ease.

Ok, I was just curious because I'd want the rack :) Good luck with the new truck you're getting.


Sold my X yesterday.

Now it's time to start customizing my Sport Trac!

Looking forward to seeing the sport trac, as I loved your sport.

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