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IZwack's SAS Registry


Yeah I should have written this thread a year ago but I'm an insomniac tonight so might as well throw one up on ye ol' SAS registry.

Rear Axle
GM 14-bolt with Detroit Locker - 5.13 ratio converted to disc brakes
Front Axle
Jeep Grand Wagoneer Dana 44 with Aussie Locker - 5:13 ratio. Axle converted to run 8-lugs using Chevy outters for rear axle compatability.

Front suspension
3 link + panhard supported by 16" Fox 2.5 Air Shocks. Lower links made of 2"x2"x0.25" square tubing. Upper link made of 2"x0.1875" round tube. All links have rubber bushing on one end and RubiconExpress SuperFlex on the other.
Rear suspension
Stock leaves + AAL sprung-over axle

Steering (then)
Stock SOHC pump coupled to a Toyota IFS gear box with a flat pitman arm. SkyManufacturing Hi-Steer arms. All TRE's are the so called "Chevy 1-tons".
Steering (now)
GM Saginaw TC-style pump (from a Chevy Lumina) with bypass eliminated. Eaton-CharLynn orbitrol (aka steering valve). 2x8 hydraulic cylinder (limited with aluminum spacers). Prince Hydraulics RD-1800 adjustable relief valve.

US Wheel 78 series - 15x10 2.5" backspacing

The crazy-delicious "dear God this thread is going nowhere" entiiire SAS thread:


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Its just so nice. Great Job....I love it....

Im telling you im going to have airshocks.

That looks good, its a lot taller than I thought it was!

Breaking the cardinal rule of having your hand resting on the roof while you are wheeling.:nono:

Breaking the cardinal rule of having your hand resting on the roof while you are wheeling.:nono:
LOL well at that point the vehicle was completely stopped and I was using my hands just to try to keep my upper body upright (I still have the stock seatbelt - a 4 or 5 point harness would have done a better job). And the Explorer doesnt have handles on top of the door on the driver's side (there is one on the passenger's side).

Awesome, drag racing skinnies on an SAS! Pics!?? :D
LOL thanks for catching that -- I've changed it.

if you had cut the wheel all the way to the right and punched it it would of come down....unless you were stuck....

Yeah I think i was stuck, the large slab of rock at the front was in the way.

One tough truck sir!

Everything that has gone in to it is entirely out of my league-but I love it anyway, and want one for my very own!

Thanks JT.

Well I finally checked the rock slider for any scratches and there is some near the right slider's 2nd "leg" but thats about it - ahahah. But I also looked at the everything else -- the right lower link has some good gashes on it, along with the transmission mount thing, and wow the front differential has transfered plenty of paint (and metal) to those rocks.

The rear differential cover (which was recently put on.. also 3/8" thick like the front from RuffStuff Specialties :D) however didn't have any gashes except at the very bottom where it slid over some rocks.

But on another note, the hydraulic steering structure has held up fine so far :D -- which I was kind of iffy about because everything there was welded with a 110v Hobart wire-fed welder :confused: