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Jack's SAS version 3.0

I am consolidating my build thread and the sas build into one thread so below is a link to my original build thread in case anyone has too much time on their hands and wants to see how this whole ordeal started.

notajeep_wv build thread

the next step.. SAS parts update 2/18

Its time for a SAS, time to take making Jeeps look bad to the next level lol
Lets keeps track of how much this is costing me so I can look back at it later and think of all the other things I could have done with the money.

what ended up on the truck..

74 EB D44 with track bar, steering, 2 sets of RAs - $200
F150 knuckles, spindles, hubs, rotors, calipers - $35
MileMarker premium hubs - $80
4.89 G2 gear set - $175
4.88 G2 gear set - $200
D44 install kit - $80
5.5 WH coils - $160
Duff SAS trac bar bracket - $150
Duff Coil seats - $75
D44 TruTrac - $425
7* bushing kit - $50
Moog HD ball joints - $120
axle joints - $40
Duff steering - $350
Cooper 35x12.50 STTs - $840
custom built trac bar - $80
F250 shock towers - $30

eh, its a start


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Wow. I didn't realize how long the Duff arms were.

I think they are 43" long.

This might sound silly, but my Duff RA's contacted the rearward nut/stud that mounts the fuel filter shield to the frame. I did not want to limit my compression even that little bit, so I ended up grinding off that stud flush with the bottom of the frame so it acts as an alignment post. Front nut holds the shield and is on the angled part of the frame so it doesn't make contact. Also have slightly contacted the bolt heads for my trans cross member. Hex button head bolts took care of that.

Good job on getting the Wild Horses spindle bushings instead of new needle bearings, but I would have cleaned all the dirt out of the hubs before I installed.:D I have had those for a few years now, done a few deeper than I like water crossings on the Mojave Trail (don't like submerging axles), and had no issues, and no contamination of the grease.

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they went back on a lot cleaner than they were in that pic.. lol

Drove it today for the first time, couldn't believe how much better the ride is and how stable it is in turns and dips. Definitely one of the best improvements I've made in a while.

Going to stretch its legs, err arms, this weekend.

A milestone day to be remembered. Congratulations.

I was pleasantly surprised how much more stable and predictable mine is after the SAS.

When 10pm on a Friday night seems like a good time to max out your suspension..


And of course none of us had a tape measure or I could have gotten shock, bump, limit strap lengths figured out. I do need to re route the brake line to the rear facing side of the coil bucket.

Next on the agenda is a steering gear tear down and tap.

over 2 months.. guess I should update this thing.

Well, most of the past couple months has been spent with our son who was born 6/21 but I have managed to sneak some time in on the Explorer. Haven't gotten the steering assist done yet mainly because I can't decide what to do with these boat anchors and all the ruffstuff boxes behind them


Bought a complete 1990 F350 for $600 off of a facebook post for the kingpin D60 and FF 10.25. Plan as of now is to clean them up, gear to 5.13, lock front and rear, maybe 35 spline outers for the 60 and hopefully by the time that's done figure out what I am putting them under.

I'm indecisive if any of you have not picked up on that through this build thread... lol

I did manage to get the beadlocks and 38" TSL SXs on. First time mounting a tire by myself by hand and I chose to do so on the heaviest tire I could find. Just me, a bowl of soapy water, 2 pry bars and a bum shoulder, but hey, it worked!


The issue now was that I knew I was going to rub. It wasn't really a question of if, more like how bad. A few years ago (like 10 atually) I picked up a set of color matching fenders and a hood for this piece of junk and had a friend who is more steady handed with a cut off wheel enlarge the wheel openings for me so off to the storage shed I went to grab them. The rear, well, in the spur of the moment I grabbed the grinder and a cut off wheel and cut up to the seam and gently folded the quarters in. We will revisit that in a minute...


Two days later I was off with a group of friends to Hatfield McCoy's new OHV trails at Bearwallow. The tires did great, only one slight problem.. the passenger rear rock rail and a piece of the inner wheel well wreaked havoc on the tire. So when I got home It was time for some more clearancing and more bump stopppage.


Took it on a test run last night when a local group asked me to lead them through some old mine property, no rubs so I'm happy.


Driving on the road with the 38s is a chore.. almost zero power going up hills so this thing definitely will be trailered to trails not in my backyard. On the trail I could use some more low range gearing, so we're back to that discussion again.

With the 10 image limit in posts I cut out all the beadlock pics to post here..


I'm not going to lie, the first one took me every bit of 90 mins from start to finish, but by the last one I was down to 25 mins. But after downing a case of bottled water and a few ibuprofen it was worth it.

I have been going through your thread and it makes me want to go out and wheel. With the 38's, what gears are you running? I have 5:13's with 35's and like it, but I also have the GM 700R4 trans and a NP 231 T-case, both of which are geared lower than stock.

right now 4.88s. the added weight of the beadlocks and SXs can definitely be felt. with the 37" Falken MTs it was still very streetable and did well offroad. the 60 and 10.25 will be geared 5.38.. some other things are in store too. parts collecting continues..

Spending the latter half of the week in harlan KY and hitting up bearwallow again saturday on the way back home.

Well, had an interesting time at Black Mountain Offroad Adventure Park. First day on the trails and this happens 3/4 the way up Railbed..


23 years and some big tires will do that I guess, you can tell it had been cracked for some time. Luckily the parts store in town had a box and lines in stock, so after we steered the truck off the mountain using my winch we did some campsite wrenching and replaced the box. Next day it was back on the mountain, after I dried out my 4wd ecu. Stopped by Bearwallow in Logan, WV on the way back home and did some wheelin there too.


Time to get off my butt and drill and tap the spare box I have in the garage. The ram has been sitting on my workbench for months. 203/205 doubler should be arriving this week.. leads me to a question for all of you.. I would like to drive this on the road more than I have been lately so I am tempted to keep the A4LD over installing a c4, which means using the 5 bolt to 6 bolt adapter from Northwest Fab. That would give me a 4.0, A4LD, 203/205, D60, 10.25, 5.38 gears, possibly 40" tires set up. Think the engine/trans is up for it? My main concern is the transmission.

It looks great buddy, I like your scenery of offroading!

I'm finally getting caught up and I'm about to continue my swap. I hope it turns out as good as yours.

Bc I'm lazy and like the auto offroad. Trans temps never exceeded 210 this time out. I drained the pan and added 5 fresh quarts of mercon before I left for Harlan.

I used to be a manual guy, until I got a good auto transmission. Now I would never go back to manual on a off road vehicle. Unless I grow another leg..

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