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Jake's 5.0 Exploder

Hi My name is Jake. Currently im 21 years of age and am a proud owner of this explorer, Iv always wanted to have my own reg but never got around to making one, so here it is. Let me know what you guys think!:D

As she sits
-Jmoded to 300-450hp level with car valvebody
-QA1 coilovers with 650lb coils
-ES poly control arm bushings
-EE front sway bar
-Torque monster headers
-12' Sport breaks
-Stainless steel break lines
-GT grabber at2 235/75/15
-Custom rear leafs (5+overload)
-1' Intake spacer
-AVM hubs
-BW 44-06 TC
-Flo-pro v-max muffler
-Accel 115 ceramic spark plug wires
-MSD blaster coils
-NGK copper plugs
-Remote trans filter and bigger cooler
-Amsoil ea air filter and pre filter
-Amsoil everywhere

Plans for future
Eaton M90 Rebuilt
Custom built upper intake box
Dyno tuning
Blowfish racing 75mm TB
39/lb Injectors
Walbro fuel pump
Intercooler and heat exchanger
Full 2.5' downpipes/3' exhaust
Tmoss ported lower intake
-Custom air filter box cold air intake setup
-Cutsom engine bay harness using 97.5 up computer (mainly for trans range sensor and other little things)
-bigger front mounted PS cooler with remote filter















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Thanks man, iv done most of the work myself except for the welding (i wish i could tig) and some machining. This intake is my third attempt (first one was steel, second was a little short but helped with mock up). Im glad you like it, because your explorer was part of my inspiration to get this thing goin, nothin more badass then a 347 supercharged explorer

thanks, and i hear ya. i did my mock up with wood, that way i could move everything around. the second one was a tall one i made from steel as well. the welder i have (110v) wasnt hot enough to weld everything solid so when i was in PA this time last summer i had one of my friends (and boyfriend to a member here) weld it for me, and i showed a few people from here it at all ford nationals. it then went to member blueka whos now ex gf stole it from him and wont give it back. i ended up making one from alum, and had to get it welded as well.
just make sure you do your supporting mods and a tune to get the max out of it. if you havent put it on yet, you will be surprised at the difference. even more because you took the time to cool it, and that was something i couldnt do because of hood clearance. i am trying to hunt down a m122 now so i can make a mount for it, and put it on the 347. if i can do that, i will also try and put a cooler into the mount as well

How do you like the AVM hubs? Have you done much challenging off-road driving with them?

That sucks to hear buddy ex stole it, im just staring to learn most (not all) women are bat **** crazy:D I haven't put the thing on yet, im pretty close to doing so. I just need to get off my lazy bum and finish the intake that bolts on to the back, send my downpipes to get fabbed (cheaper then buying supplies and doing it myself), buy some gaskets, and i need to buy the screw-in air temp sensor still.

My AVM hubs are actually blew up on the inside on me not to long ago, haven't done any off-roading with them. Kinda disappointed but ill buy and try one more set, maybe i just got a bad pair or something. One side completely gone, something seized and now is just a shell. The other one wont stay locked, sounds like the spring broke on the inside. I can take some pictures for you if you'd like to see.

Oh that's really disappointing to hear, since I was hoping to successfully use them on my Mountaineer. Thanks for the info.

Well i got a little bit done this weekend, almost finished my intake, drilled and tapped some holes, and tired to finish my lid for the box. Intake turned out pretty good so far







But i messed up cutting the hole for the supercharger outlet on my lid so im thinking im might have to start over on a new piece, oh well



how did you make your oval on the pipe. that looks great. i had to cut, slice, hammer and weld mine. they look ok, but i am not happy with them

Thanks. I used a vice at first to shape it then I used a round bar, a square bar, and a socket to beat out the caved in areas with a hammer and give it the final shape. Turned out better then I had originally thought

I almost finished cutting out the lid, alls that left is cutting the supercharger outlet, drill holes for mounting said charger and for air intake temp sensor, and bypass valve hole. After that i going to do some more lapping and i think ill be happy with my box. I also want to make a snout support and coil brakets before i slap er together




More parts came in, i had these brackets for about 2 years before i got my coilovers so im pretty pumped to get these puppys in. Before i install them i ordered some poly control arm bushings that should be in tomorrow that are going in at the same time (no point in taking the front end apart twice right?), and am going to be upgrading my sway to the 98 version. i would of ordered the EE rear sway but they only order 10 or so at a time and have to wait about 4-6 weeks before they have stock, no big deal. I wanna say thanks to greenstripper again for going threw the hassle of shipping these to canada, you rock dude


Tiring to get two birds stoned at once and prepare for the supercharger, i cleaned up my rad. Not 100% sure on what it could be but ever sense i put a new cluster in it tells me in running hot (could also be the thermostat i put in at the same time) also tired to fit my heat exchanger that i stole out of a water cooled Exmark. I was having a fun time tiring to make room when the idea of using my ac condenser as my heat exchanger popped in my head, so today while i had some time ran to the junk yard and grabbed a bunch of fittings for it. Im kinda curious as to what you guys think about the whole idea. To continue on i ripped out my A\C rad assy and pressure washed them, flushed them out and ran some rad flush thought my rad. Still runnin a little hot so i think im gunna change out my thermostat before i change my water pump, but i also bought a autometer coolant gauge for the supercharger so i might just install that early and see what my temps really are



Iv been up in bc for the last week and a half and have had my coilovers installed for about 3 days now, I gotta say they are awesome. I wanna get some stronger coils for them, but for now I think they'll do. Also installed my poly control arm bushings and EE front sway and the truck handles pretty great. I love ripping around in this thing.




I also got around to putting on my sweet explorerforum stickers, showing my love for the website :)