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James Duff 2.5-3" lift now has...

August 28, 2000
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93 XLT
Called James Duff's place this afternoon after looking at Mat Riddle's 2.5" suspension lift (worth viewing).
They now have longer radius and pitman arms available when ordering their Stage II kit. These replace the drop brackets in the standard kit. For a 93 it will be $925
plus shipping.
Hmmm, a 4" Skyjacker system is only a little more so...

...and a Superlift 5.5" is around $400 cheaper (w/extended radius arms).

Brett has been running these radius arms since they came out. They are pretty cool looking.

Wow, Someone talking about my truck! I feel all special :)

The joke is that I only kept the JD kit on for a year, I'm now running the Superlift 5.5" kit(I have 7.5" with my body lift). Don't get me wrong though, the JD is a good starting point though, at least it was for me. I got the rivets out of the way and learned a lot about my suspension, information that came in useful when I installed the Superlift kit.

If you really want to see the step by step progression and better pictures of how an Explorer looks with the 2.5" kit my web page has tons of pictures...(not to self-advertise:))

Oh, and I'm sure the JD Radius Arms are cool and everything, but the way I see it, if you're going to spend that much money, might as well go as big as possible.