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James Duff 2.5 inch lift help!


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March 31, 2001
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I currently am running a 1.5-2 inch skyjacker springs up front, and warrior shackles/add a leaf in the back.

I need a little more lift in the front, so this is what i have decided to do.

-Put in the james duff brackets up front, and run either the james duff springs, with a coil spacers, or the skyjacker springs i have and coil spacers.

-in the rear im going to run james duff makes new springs right? and shackles.

Where can I get this stuff for the cheapest. thanks

I would say use the Duff springs. However, you really take it in the shorts from them when you order specific parts and not a kit. I tried it and it was cheaper to actually buy the kit. You will probably need either extended radius arm brackets or drop brackets for that much lift.
Also, if you already have a aal and war's in the rear, you shouldn't need to bother with lifting the rears more.
I am 99% sure that Duff is the only place you can buy their products.

By the way, the axle brackets are a B*@#h to get in.