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James duff coil bucket/ dual shock mount


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May 21, 2005
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'92 Sport
I was thinking about going with a skyjacker 2" lift for my 92 sport. i was online the other day and saw these James Duff dual shock/coil buckets for explorers. I was wondering whether or not anyone has used these James Duff buckets. If so, what quality are they and would they work with the skyjacker 2" lift? Also, what exactly do these do to the lower shock mount? Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!

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With a 2" lift you dont need them, however they are a good product and work well. The shock location is designed to be used with the rest of the Duff kit.
The lower shock mount is lcoated ont he stock radius arm, the dual coil bucket and shock mount from Duff is designed to be used with their extended radius arms.

If you want only a 2" lift you have alot of options, but without at least 4" of lift and extended radius arms the stock coil buckets will work just fine.

Also I can tell you some reasons not to use the Duff buckets and to just modify the stock ones, but that is only needed for modified TTB lifts that need more compression for 4wheeling.......

Thanks for the reply! A couple of things though. I want a more functional off road vehicle but i also want to have a pretty nice street ride. Now to questions. Are the longer radius arms included in the $195? Also, what reasons would you suggest not to use the James duff buckets? And does anyone know what quality they are? Thanks!

Longer radius arms are not included in the $195. Extended RA's alone cost about $4 - 500. You wouldn't be able ot use them anyway, since you need about 4" of lift to be able to utilize an extended arm. All the skyjacker 2" is is new coils and add-a-leafs. That's it. Just take it in for an alignment after where they'll put in shims to correct camber.


however extended radius arms are the only way to bolt on a better ride both off road and on the street when dealing with the TTB.

My 6" lifted TTB (custom beams) rides like a dream on the street, very minimul bump steer and lots of free travel + soft springs = dreamy.