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James Duff extended radius arms - DO NOT BUY


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December 3, 1999
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'92 XLT
I'm going to reiterate what I've said before about my experience with James Duff....

Today I happened to lock my hubs in my driveway before leaving. As a started moving I heard an un usual noise so I got out and started looking at my front drivetrain. My front driveshaft t-case u-joint was rubbing my Duff crossmember....thats weird, it's never done that before... A closer look revealed the problem. The crossmember had completely separated at one side (weld) my whole drivetrain was hanging by the other side. This is the second time I've had a major part fail (first time was the radius arm itself, also a broken weld, completely let go at the bracket) and I've heard of numerous other stories of crossmember problems. Unfortunately I didn't find this out before I bought everything. Duff is sending my another crossmember, just as they did the arm, but a good warrenty does not make up for life endangering poor engineering and/or manufacturing. Again I am suggesting what others have also....DO NOT buy James Duff extended radius arms.

just wondering aloud...

why are the JD explo radius arms so crappy, yet the early bronc ones are just about indestructable? i have the JD extended arms on my 75, and like everyone else i know with them, have never had a single problem. yet, everyone here that has them (different model, obviously) on their X has nothing but trouble. i wonder what gives? poor QC on the explo parts, yet awesome engineering on the EB parts?:confused:

Yeah, I can't figure that out either. I've heard nothing but good about their EB stuff. But everyone with the Explorer arms has fitment problems, tire and shock rubbing, and problems with the crossmember. I thought maybe it was just a fluke that my radius arm broke, but apparently they are having some real issues in the Ranger/Explorer department.

James Duff has completely re-designed their radius arms for the D35 TTB trucks. They now feature heim joints and a totally re-designed crossmember.

I too have not been happy with lots of their stuff, so I went with Skyjacker...........

However the new radius arms look TIGHT!!!!

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