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James Duff lift help...

Kris Guilbeaux

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I am going to buy a James Duff 2.5" lift for my Navajo but I know there is a way to modify the lift for 3"-3.5" If any of you have done this can you give me the things I need to modify the lift. Also I want to run 32" tires on the Navajo once I put on the lift. I will run stock rims. If any one has pictures of the modified JD lift on a 2dr. will you send them to me.

Any help would be nice.

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My out put shaft for my trans is on backorder and should have it by tues. Untill then the parts remain sitting in my garage in front of my 2wd Navajo

I did some research on this, before I bought the 5.5 superlift.

To go from 2.5" to 3.5" with the james duff, you:

1) install 1" coil spacers in the front.
2a) replace the rear shackles with the warrior shackles.
2b) replace the rear spings with the OME springs.

2b is a new option.

That's it. simple eh?

Tdavis is right.. a 1" spacer will lift the front.. The scary thing is that even without the 1" spacer (I haven't put it back in since I test fit it).. we are lifted 3.5" over the old stock height.

We are using the Warrior Product Shackles which gave us another 1/2" over the height with the Duff shackles. Our old springs have 196k miles on them (rear) and I'm sure they aren't as high as they need to be. Before I can put the 1" spacers on I have to finish the Rock Sliders (with steps) so Yolanda can get in the truck. She is only 5' and the truck is almost too high as it is.. If I make it so she can't get in her truck I'll be out in the dog house for a LONG time. Once the spacer are in I will replace the rear springs with a new set to level things out.