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james duff question

January 27, 2001
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greensboro, north carolina
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93' exporer sport
ok, i was wondering if i could order the james duff lift, but without the JD shackles and add a leaf. then get the add a leaf from summit that i think will give me 2.5" alone, and then the warrior shackles and coil spacers for an extra 1.5". (3.5- 4" total) i dont know if this is posible or not, but will they do that for me? also will i need a pitman arm, longer shocks, brake lines, etc? does the lift come in any other colors besides blue? id be thankful for any responses, seeing as how im just speculating.

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They won't breakup lift kits. The JD addaleaf and shackles should work fine to give you the lift you need. When I did mine, I didn't use the JD stuff. I added a full length addaleaf under the main leaf and re-arched the whole pack for about 4" of lfit. I used the JD coils up front with 1" spacers. Brake lines were short, steering was OK (a pitman arm would help).


thanks for the response, how did you go about re-arching your springs though? did you need shackles to give you the 4" or did you just have the leafs? thanks again.

I took my springs to a spring shop, they pulled them apart, put a full length add-a-leaf in, and re-arched all of the leafs. I didn't use the Duff shackles, I had enuf lift from the springs.

You can also do it the way we did.. We got a set of OME-36 springs (2.5" lift).. and use the War-153 shackles. It is around 3.5" -4" of lift (hard to tell).. and the OME springs should ride much better than a re-arch or an add-a-leaf.