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James Duff


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March 21, 2003
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94, no mods
Hey has anyone installed the duff stage 1for the explorer. DOes it go on well...im thinking i want to buy this for my new 94. How hard is it to instal? SHould i go with the stage 1 or go with 2? ANd whats the biggest tires i can run with this lift.

Stage 1 James Duff is good, install is as easy as any, don't get their old design stage II though. The radius arms rub shocks and tires and the transmission crossmember is weak (just replaced mine this weekend). They have apparently redesigned the radius arms with heim joints and new brackets and everything, so they might be sweet now.

from what I have seen from pictures the new Duff arms and crossmember are a huge improvement over the old setup with the dual hoop........

There are some pictures of a members truck over at offroadrangers.com who has installed the new heim jointed Duff arms............

I want some...........but I just got the Skyjacker arms a few months back.........:)