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jammed cd changer


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May 19, 2003
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Atlanta, GA
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'97 Eddie Bauer
my 97 explorer eddie bauer has the 6 disc changer that randomly stopped working. It would not play the cd's and when i tried to eject the cd magazine, it made a strange noise but would not eject the cds. So i figured id just get a new alpine head unit cuz i figured it was about time i replaced it. But i just realized that my cd changer has 6 of my favorite cd's in it and theyre still jammed in there. Is there any way to manually eject the cd magazine? Even after putting in a new head unit, the cd changer is still hooked up but it still doesnt work but i dont care about the cd changer since i have an in dash head unit now i just want the cds.

With many CD changers you can slide a credit card in between the magazine and the changer and push up lightly. I'm sure removing the screws will also give you access to pull the magazine.