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Jammed Plug...NEED HELP


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July 12, 2007
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New York
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96 Eddie Bauer 4.0
I have run into a problem with a 96 Explorer. After diagnosing a misfire, I replaced some wires and started to replace a plug. The plug is seized and ended up breaking in half. After another attempt the entire top hex joint broke clean off. Now the remaining piece is only the threaded portion of the plug. I have been trying to use an extractor but it wont budge. My fear is that the only solution is to pull apart the head and drill it out.
Anyone have any experience with this and recommend i try something? I have been soaking the remaining portion in WD-40 and other lubricating substances.
Need help quick, the car has been grounded and I only have time to work on the weekends.
How long does it take to pull apart the head. It is a 4.0 OHV 1996 Eddie Bauer

thanks in advance.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm desperate...

do a search on broken spark plug... you will get lots.... but basically, your luck may vary. "successes" that people have reported using an ezout or screw extractor with "patience", luck, heat, and penetrating oil. Good luck... most seemed to indicate that they didn't pull the head so hopefully you may be just as lucky.