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January run at Paragon, PA

Yeah Doug...I wasn't sure how you and Matt would even find any BB dents, ha :rolleyes:

Several marguiritas later I've cooled down a bit :p

Cj, two out of three look EXACTLY like yours, only the biggest one is the size of a nickel and took the black paint off with it :( That one is on the hatch, to the right of my license plate, the second, smaller is one to the left of the plate and the riccochet/ BB dent is on my driverside door pillar, just past where the ventshade ends. I'll take some pics later...too depressed to do it now :(

I'll still come up there for runs, but I'm not parking Blackjack anywhere near Chris's house if this is how the neighbors are gonna treat my explorer. I mean, if they have a problem with us being loud or doing burnouts, just come over and say so! There's NO NEED to go shooting up somebody's prize possesion!!

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sure a school of tuna didnt swim into the side of your truck? :D

more surface area too

Does anyone have any idea what would happen if I went to my insurance company about the dents? I mean, would my insurance go up, even though it wasn't my fault and didn't happen in my home area? I really can't stand looking at these things but I don't have the $$ to get them fixed :(

Well, first I would see what its gonna cost to get it fixed. I havnt seen them so I cant even try to say what I think it might cost. The one in my door is gonna cost me $150, but I know the owner and he gives me deals. Most likely your insurance will go up. Some companies dont raise rates unless the damage is over $1000. Others do. It all depends on your past record and your deductable. Talk to your agent and see what they say before you put a claim in.

Sounds like good advice, CJ, thanks. I was considering having the black plastic C-pillars painted glossy black, I guess now I have a reason to do so :p

It's repainting the hatch that would cost some big time $$ :( I may just have the one big hole filled in and touched up with black paint, but I don't know what to do with the other one, because it's right above the 'explorer' lettering and obvious as hell.

I will have to go look at my truck in the day light again, I will keep you all posted



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But on a happier note, here's the freaky pic I was telling you about, Doug:


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Who me? Have nothing better to do but scan in pictures? Nahhh ;)

( I like how Matt's doing the Playboy pose, LOL)


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I didn't get as good of pictures as I would've liked of you guys doing donuts..we'll have to remedy that next run! All the shots I have of Matt are like time lapse shots- you have to put them all together to see the direction the X was going in.


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Cool pics, except for the ones of your damage. That sucks!

Now, tell me how you managed to attach more than 2 pictures in a row.

When I try to post more than 2 things in a row it wont let me. It just overwrites the previous one.

How did I miss this thread, I keep asking on Chris' board if anybody had any pics, and then I find them all here. Oh well, pics look good lindsey. You've got an eye for getting the action shots.

Oh yeah, since this is where all the other media is, I might as well post these videos. Like always, if I get off my lazy ass, I might get around to making more.

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But you gotta admit, when I'm there I offer a little competition. Hey, at least us ride-alongs are good for something. :D


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