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92 explorer
almost 64xxx miles
edit: now shes got about 83xxx :)
dana 35
Ford 8.8
stock 3.73 gears
limited slip
30/9.50/15s on stock 15x7 alluminum wheels
aftermarket CD player
Straight piped after the Cats


Flowmaster Super 40
I cut off the muffler and its straight piped after the cats. :) Sounds awesome!

3 inch performace accesorry body lift
Coil spacers
Warrior Shackles

33/12.50 15 BFG ATs or BFG KM2s eventually
Next set will be some 31/10.50 15 Wild Country XTX sports. Great AT

Hella Lights
Rear back up lights
Under body lights

CB raio

maybe a snorkel (hydrolocking scares the s*&t outta me, and itll give me piece of mine) :D

copied FROADER on the pl8... :D


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wow, looks nice!! Clean, too! :-)

nice x u got there

so once i get the money ive decided im going with 33/12.50 15 bfg ats. on some black soft 8s. but first ill have to get the bl to clear the tires.

So many updates.

Bedliner on lower panel
Front and rear bumpers painted black
Tinted Tail and Turn signal lights
New Tires. Still 30/9.5x15 Wildcat At's saving up fro some 33s
Have Coil spacers/ AAL in garage (going to install soon)
New Head Unit
New speakers all around
Floor mats
New roof bar
Roof lights
HIDs in headlights and Roof lights
New Brakes
New Shocks all around
Radius Arm Bushings

Now for the pictures!


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More pics


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So the paint on the roof is starting to get tired and beat up. So im gonna paint her! IM debating between black and white. What color do you think i should paint her?? Planning on doing a single stage job.

Decided im going to do a two tone paint job this summer. Im going with gunmetal grey and black, should look pretty good. Also, i finaly got the lift installed; two inch coil spacer and add a leaf. My Warn hubs came in the mail yesterday and those are going on this Wendesday! Cant wait to get my 4x4 back. More updates to come!