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JasonB - 99 Sport 4x4

Well, here it is. Only mods so far are the Warrior shackles and I replaced the mono leaf with a 4dr leaf pack. No name for the Explorer yet but I have plenty of time for that. I'm from Suwanee, GA (just outside Atlanta). Lots of mods planned in the near future including the electric locker from Tractech when it comes out and a little more lift or course. Working on new roof rack now. The last one I built is way too heavy and needs a better mount system.


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Lookin good!
I'm interested in the Tractech locker as well.

gonna put some lights on that bar?? looks good!

yeah, throw a couple PIAA's on there.
it does look good so far.

thanks for the compliments! yeah i may put some lights on there one day, but it most likely won't be piaa's. i can't afford those puppies. i guess i could afford them, but i'd much rather put that kind of cash toward the locker or something. i'll probably get some of the hella 500s or something similar.