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Jay's 2 stage build


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March 6, 2019
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Ok here goes, my build thread.
It's a '92 and has only 80k miles.
The build will be in 2 stages over the next 3 years;
Stage 1, fix the current problems, add a 2 inch spacer and 3 inch body liff, bumper, winch, 33's....wheel it!
Stage 2, SAS (I have a mid 70's d44/9" with 4.56's), maybe 302

It's 2 stages because a SAS wont pass a safety inspection, so in 2022 it'll be antique plated where there are less restrictions and no safety inspection.

Stage 1
Fixes needed
Drivers exhaust manifold is cracked - probably needs full exhaust system
No brakes (bad hard line)
No emergency brake cables
Roof rust
Rear tailgate misaligned
Fist sized hole around the filler
All body mount bushings are shot (Daystar bushings on my bench)

2 inch coil spacer (installed)
DIY extended shackles (to be made)
3 inch body lift (Daystar lift on my bench)
Bumpers. I like Brian's bumpers.
CB Antenna install
8 inch LED lights
Keeper 8.5 winch (sat on my bench)


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My parts hoard has hit a critical mass and I now have enough to get cracking. I finally made some room in the Garage to get the Exploder in...which was interesting with no brakes as I drove it into the back wall...oops lol.

Started tackling some rust on the roof. Mine has some light rust in one of the channels. So got most of it off with the wire brush, then treated it to some acid rust remover which made it come up nice and clean before I hit it with red oxide paint.
There are a couple of bad rust spots near the plastic runners around the rivets which will be a PITA to fix, so I'll sort them out later.


I know you already have the coil spacers on, but if you want to mess with it, Bronco springs are a great option.

I know you already have the coil spacers on, but if you want to mess with it, Bronco springs are a great option.

Thanks, that's good to know....FSB or Bronco II?

Full size, I run them now and they work great for what they are.

Takled the rotten front hard and flex brake lines and replaced them all.
Gonna need at least 1 caliper too.

Found some rims for the 33x10.50s....XJ 15x7s


If you're looking for any offroad parts or anything try Kartek.com

New calipers came in from RockAuto. I opted for the powder coated calipers, so lets see how durable they are after months of mud and salt here in Nova Scotia.
I'm not a huge fan of coloured calipers, but at least they match my interior and decal LOL


Holy balls that's a lot of red. I forgot how bright those interiors are - all of the red Explorers I've seen/had have had gray interior. At least they didn't have red steering wheels and column trim too like the 1st gen Rangers did.

Project is looking good!

yeah it's pretty wild inside, just thankful it's not blue :)

I've installed the calipers, lines and hard lines and bled, and I can't get the pedal to firm up.
Next steps are
  • Install the new rear shoes that came with it (I've had 0 rear shoe liner left on my Samurai once and had the same pedal issue)
  • if still no pedal, bypass the RABS since I occasionally get the RABS warning light

Mine is all blue, I won't post a pic but I definitely prefer it over every other color!

I deleted the RABS valve on my '92 because it started leaking and I'd lose the brakes slowly over a period of months. I had an '89 Ranger that was also bypassed but it caused the brakes to lock up.