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JBL Radio/Cassette or Radio/Cassette/CD?


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January 26, 2004
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Need a little collective wisdom (or support). I recently bought a used head unit on eBay (I know, I know) from somebody who listed it as a JBL unit with CD controls from a '97 X . The head unit I received has no CD button, no "Compact Disc" logo on the front, no "COMP" or "SHUFFLE" on the 5 / 6 buttons, and doesn't control the CD changer in my '96 Limited (unlike the unit I'm replacing, which controls the CD changer but the on/off switch is broken). The part number on this unit is F67F-18C852-AA, which from what I've deduced from other posts here, is an Audiophile (18C852) radio/cassette/no CD. (-A* suffix). The seller insists that it worked fine in his X.

Do I not know about some secret combination of buttons on this head unit that will control the factory CD changer, or is this -AA head unit radio/cassette ONLY (and thus I got ripped off?)

David E.B. Smith
Chicago, IL
1996 Explorer Limited

Welcome to the boards!!! You'll learn a whole lot about your truck.

If there aren't any changer controls, then there's no changer controls. There're aren't any combinations or anything that will control the changer. In order to control the changer, you MUST have changer controls.

Sorry bud, you got screwed.

Wrong Head Unit

F67F-18C852-AA is the Audiophile (for use in a Ford JBL system) model for a 1995-1997 Explorer WITHOUT a CD Changer.

F67F-18C852-BA is the model you want, which will control the factory CD Changer.

F57F-18C852-BD should work, too (a 1995 MY unit). You don't want the F57F-18C852-AD, as it will not control a CD Changer.